Venicci prioritizes your child’s safety. Learn about our rigorous product testing

Safety is our top priority, and we’re determined to ensure that every product we offer meets strict standards. Our efforts have earned us awards and certifications that reflect our mission of finding the perfect balance between safety, quality, and style. In this article, we take you behind the scenes.

Venicci prioritizes your child’s safety. Learn about our rigorous product testing

Crash tests

Every parent wants to avoid thinking about worst-case scenarios because they are terrifying. However, we believe in being prepared for anything, so we carefully test our car seats in simulated crash tests.

We use high-tech sensors and Q-Series crash test dummies that imitate a child’s body to study how crashes affect them. But this is just the start of our work. The test results help us make our car seats even safer, so your little ones are well-protected in real life.

Notably, the seats are also safety certified, meeting ECE-R129 (I-size) standard.

Materials testing

Another critical aspect of the procedure is testing the materials we use to produce baby prams, car seats, accessories, and furniture. We work with specialized external laboratories that allow us to analyze each product in detail.

What do the controls include? A broad spectrum of different tests: UV test (UPF indicator test), fading of color and chemical tests for the presence of certain harmful compounds.

With such a diverse set of standards, we can be sure that the final product is safe and long-lasting.

Stability and durability tests

We understand that stability and durability are just as important as comfort, functionality, and style. Because of this, we rigorously test our products to ensure these qualities.

Our tests include frame strength and stability, folding precision (including one-hand folding) and handle durability.

Importantly, the tests are performed by machines and the field, which allows the products to be prepared for various scenarios – from walks in the park to using them on uneven terrain. As a result, the baby carriages available in our prams shop can meet the most unusual challenges.

Working with experts

At our company, we have a fantastic team with a wealth of knowledge and experience, but we also love working with child safety experts to make our products even safer. Thanks to this collaboration, our products have won numerous awards for their safety features!

  • Made for Mums 2021 Gold Award for the best pram in its price category – to win this trophy, our pram was exposed to many, sometimes very extreme tests.
  • Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2021 – to be among the prestigious producers, we must deliver high quality: not just in quality and style, but also in functionality.

Of course, awards are great, but the most rewarding aspect is the positive feedback from parents who have actually used our prams.

But we don’t just rely on our past successes. In addition to offering high-quality products, we also provide valuable free articles. Examples? Check out one of our latest blog posts: “Baby summer essentials – must-haves for safety and comfort”.