The Alternative Investment Management Association

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The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) was founded in 1990 and is a major player and a worldwide representative of the industry of hedge funds. This organization vastly represents all the specialists in the industry of alternative investment management. This, of course, includes managers of hedge funds, prime brokers, funds of hedge fund managers, accounting and legal firms, fund administrators, and the investors and directors of independent funds.

Membership of the Alternative Investment Management Association is corporate and consists of more than 1,400 firms and over 7,000 individual contracts involved in more than 50 countries. In total, the managing members of AIMA take care of almost $1.5 trillion, as per the reports of 2014. The members of the AIMA are greatly benefited by the dynamic influence that AIMA possess in the development of policy, along with being benefited from the leadership AIMA has in the industry initiatives and from the exceptional reputation that they have with regulators.

One of the main goals of the AIMA is to tackle some of the most significant issues that affect the development of the industry. They are also a representative of the industry of global hedge funds at all international and national levels in not only the current discussions, but also in those regarding the regulatory framework of the industry’s future.

The AIMA’s focus is on regulation, education, sound practices and development of policy. All of these that have resulted in a considerable amount of work that is used every day by members, policy makers, institutional investors and supervisors.

The AIMA is a highly energetic and self-motivated organization; this fact is reflected in the interests of its members, and the company also offers members an exciting global network. This organization is committed towards the development of the skills in the industry and also the standards of education. They are also the proud co-founders of the Chartered Alternative Analyst designation (CAIA). This is the first and the only focused standard of education for alternate specialists of investment in the industry. The AIMA is overseen by its Board of Directors, otherwise known as the Council.

There are many advantageous reasons to join the AIMA. For starters, it receives widespread regulatory updates. In addition to this, it also offers outstanding education and follows rigorous practices. All the members of the AIMA have full access to the diverse range of material, practices, asset and value pricing, coverage of the management of hedge fund, governance, questionnaires of due diligence for managers, business continuity, and offshore alternative funds of hedge fund managers and fund directors.

Furthermore, all the members of AIMA also have access to the wide range of library offerings regarding the knowledge of the industry and the expertise it offers. They also receive monthly newsletters that contain all the information regarding the current chief regulatory and industry developments, the leading quarterly publication and also the AIMA journal, which only accepts contributions by the members of AIMA.

Additionally, all AIMA members get to enjoy an annual conference that fascinates even the top-most speakers in the industry as well as policy makers, including various delegates from all over the world. As far as the global arena is concerned, the AIMA hold regular events that are the hub for all delegates to avail the diverse networking opportunities. Globally, the AIMA members avail a chance to make contributions in different ideas and also impact outcomes. This do this by either taking part in the various events held globally or by admitting themselves into one of the many committees of the AIMA. This also includes their membership in the global AIMA annual conference and the Policy and Regulatory Forum.

This organization caters to a massive global network. Despite starting out in only 1990, it presently has more than 1,300 corporate members and caters to almost 6,000 individual contacts. AIMA tackles all the real issues affecting the development of the industry while placing all its focus on the regulation, education, development of policy, and efforts on other practices. This has brought about not only a large body of work, but also people from all over the world, including policy makers, investors and regulators.

AIMA has a wide corporate network, ranging of over 40 countries; all of these countries avail the benefits of this organization. Due to the massive growth in the recent years, AIMA has set up national groups and branch offices in Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas. Their head office is situated in London.