UK Charity Statistics

The UK has a wide range of charities which offer support to people in need, and chances are, you’ve either used the services of one yourself or you know someone who has. The number of charities in England and Wales has increased significantly in the last 22 years and with 169,000 registered charities recorded in 2021, there appears to be no sign of stopping.

While the effects of the pandemic have certainly taken a toll on the charity sector, donations are still coming in, the number of volunteers is growing, and new charities are continuing to start up. Here, we explore the current statistics for charities in the UK and outline the importance of keeping these organisations going throughout the country.

Charity statistics

Reports from Statista reveal in 2021 there were approximately 169,000 registered charities in England and Wales. The report also showed the average amount donated to charities per month has increased slightly in the last few years. In the period of 2019/2020, the average amount given was £24, but between 2020 and 2021 it rose to £27.

Interest in volunteering for a charity also appears to be rising across the country. Government statistics show in the period between 2020/2021, approximately 28 million people in the UK had done some kind of volunteering in the past month. Informal volunteering at least once a month in the past 12 months also rose to 33% from the 2019/2020 figures (28%).

Why are charities so vital in the UK?

Charities help make our country a better place to live by supporting those facing physical, financial and emotional difficulties in their time of need. They also provide information on support services and funding, along with raising awareness of issues.

It’s crucial to support charities and keep them running as they contribute to the welfare of so many people in need. For example, there are several charities supporting the homeless in the UK and government statistics found between the period of April to June 2021, 66,040 households were either considered homeless or facing the threat of losing their homes.

What are the benefits of being a charity volunteer?

If you’ve got some spare time on your hands, you may want to consider volunteering for one of your local charities. Volunteer work can be extremely rewarding and it’s likely it will give you a feeling of accomplishment. It can also be a fantastic way to meet new people, particularly those who also have a lot of spare time and share your values and interests.

Charity volunteers often receive special discounts and rewards to thank them for their service. For example, those volunteering for the NHS will have access to the NHS volunteer discount, which can save you money on everything from a hotel stay to that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing.