Liquidnet To Integrate BondIT’s AI-driven Credit Research Into Its Electronic Trading Platform

Liquidnet and bondIT announce their collaboration to advance traders’ ability to anticipate critical market changes.

Liquidnet To Integrate BondIT’s AI-driven Credit Research Into Its Electronic Trading Platform

Liquidnet, a leading technology-driven agency execution specialist, and bondIT, a leading provider of next-generation investment technology, announced today their partnership to integrate bondIT’s Scorable Credit Analytics into Liquidnet’s Fixed Income electronic trading platform. The collaboration aims to empower traders to anticipate market trends, mitigate credit risk and make informed investment decisions faster.

Nicholas Stephan, Global Head of Fixed Income Product and Partnership Programs at Liquidnet, said:

We are thrilled to be able to enrich the Liquidnet platform with a service of Scorable’s caliber. With this integration, our goal is to give access to crucial information to investment firms of all sizes. Our Members will have seamless access to a wide range of credit data giving them an extra edge ahead of making their trading decisions.”

This latest collaboration represents one of many new additions planned that highlights Liquidnet’s commitment to advance its Liquidnet Credit offering beyond an execution system.

The Liquidnet and bondIT collaboration: Unleashing data science and Explainable AI to create an informed market

Amidst the most attractive yields in more than a decade, investor demand for fixed income has surged notably in recent months. However, rising concerns over credit risk in a challenging economic and geopolitical climate emphasizes the need for careful investor choices.

Leveraging data science, Explainable AI (XA) and Machine Learning expertise, bondIT’s Scorable enables fixed income investors to anticipate changes in credit ratings and spreads, and identify investment opportunities ahead of the market. With this integration, the 700+ fixed income Member firms who currently have access to Liquidnet’s primary and secondary market trading protocols  for corporate bonds, will gain access to valuable insights and a more informed view on credit markets directly within their Liquidnet application.

Dr. David Curtis, Head of Global Client Business at bondITwho emphasised the significance of this collaboration, says:

Bonds are back, but so is risk. Technology becomes an ever more important ally in this dynamic financial landscape. The synergy between bondIT’s AI-driven Scorable Credit Analytics and Liquidnet’s platform empowers traders with actionable insights, enabling them to stay ahead in today’s volatile markets.”

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