Is Credit Associates Debt Relief Legit?

In an industry known for having a bad apple or two, Credit Associates is an example of an established and reputable debt relief company. Each year, it settles scores of delinquent accounts, giving consumers a fresh start. Here’s more about the company and the debt relief strategy it employs.

What is the Company Credit Associates?

First off, is Credit Associates debt relief legit? Indeed, it is. The debt settlement company has been around since 2007, so that’s saying something. It’s also a member of the American Fair Credit Council, whose members pledge to follow an industry code of conduct. 

Credit Associates operates in 42 states, negotiating a broad variety of unsecured debt such as from credit cards, medical care and business.

What is Debt Relief?

It’s an approach wherein you hire a company like Credit Associates debt relief or Freedom Debt Relief to try to get your creditors – usually credit card issuers – to grant you credit debt relief by agreeing to clear your debt for less than what you owe. Why would creditors do that, you ask? Well, they know that if you file bankruptcy – the next step from debt relief — they probably won’t see a dime.

How Does it Work?

Rather than paying your creditors directly, you make monthly deposits into a dedicated account that you control. Once you’ve accumulated a certain amount, the company will begin negotiations with each creditor. Upon each settlement – which you must approve – the creditor is paid from said account. 

Where Does Credit Associates Operate?

The company is active in every state except New Jersey, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Minnesota, Maryland, Ohio, Vermont and Wyoming.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Program?

For Credit Associates, it usually takes between three and four years, although the first debt may be settled within a few months. It depends on your debt load, ability to accrue settlement dollars and willingness to stick with the program.

What Are Some of Credit Associates’ Key Features?

For starters, it has loads of experience plus a proven debt negotiation team. The company also lets you track your progress through an online account. In addition, Credit Associates gets positive customer reviews although it’s unclear on Credit Associates’ website what the company charges and the amount of debt required for program admittance.

Customer Reviews

Nothing like hearing straight from customers, so here are a few reviews from a few, as listed by

  • From Sheryl H., 10/06/2020: “Great company! I was extremely skeptical at first, but they have proved to be a fantastic company! I waited until after settling several accounts to leave my review so it would be based on performance. They took care of contact with my creditors, the legal aspects or it as well as communication so I never needed to answer a collection call.”
  • From Liz Q., 11/19/2020: “I’m still waiting for accounts to be settled but this review is for the amazing service and commitment I’ve received from this company. They seem to employ knowledgeable as well as empathetic people; their team has been quick to respond to any concern that arises.”
  • From Johnny B., 12/22/2020: “Kendrick is an incredible and caring employee. I appreciate his help and thank him so much. He was a big help to me and was very patient and explained everything clearly. You have a great employee. Thank you so much for everything.”
  • From Dennis S., 01/12/2021: “Elizabeth is a special person. Not only is she professional, courteous, and helpful, but she is an especially caring person. Elizabeth has gone out of her way to make our situation understandable and has eased our minds.”  

So, is Credit Associates debt relief legit? You bet it is. Start getting rid of that debt today.