5 Great Apps For Business Travel

5 Great Apps For Business Travel
5 Great Apps For Business Travel

We live in a digital age where it’s becoming increasingly common to do business online. But for many businesspeople, it’s still necessary to travel around to connect face to face. 

And the good news is there are some brilliant apps which can help reduce the stresses faced by corporate travellers. With that in mind, here are five great apps for business travel. 

  • Expensify

With expense tracker app Expensify on your phone, keeping on top of travel spending will be a breeze from here on in. 

All you have to do is take a photo of your receipt and this clever little app will automatically transcribe the details. In fact, you can even use the app to submit your expenses directly to your employer for approval and reimbursement.

Tip: If you travel regularly, it’s worth joining a loyalty programme where you can get rewards and discounts, in order to keep your travel costs down. 

  • DocuSign

If you’re in the business of contracts, DocuSign is a must-have app because it allows you to quickly complete contracts, approvals and other agreements from anywhere.

This makes it ideal for you professionals who are constantly on the move, or those of you who can do without the hassle of carrying lots of important papers around with you. 

It’s super easy to upload your documents to the app and it supports a wide range of file types too, including PDF, Word, Excel and JPEG. 

Tip: If you’re carrying sensitive electronic information, Prey anti-theft software will help you keep your files safe if your device is lost or stolen.

  • Tripit 

Tripit is the godsend for the busy traveller with a packed itinerary because it collates all of your travel info (flights, accommodation, reservations etc.), so you can access it in one place. 

This savvy little app even tells you exactly when to set off for your trip, so you can get off to a stress free start. Plus, it works offline too – what more could you want? 

Tip: Try not to pack too much into your itinerary, this will allow for greater flexibility in case things don’t go to plan. 

  • Waze

Whether you’re driving to the airport for an overseas trip or to a business meeting at the other side of town, Waze is a massive help.

This nifty navigation app not only shows you how to get from A to B, it also provides live traffic updates and instantly modifies your route to get you to your destination in the fastest possible time. 

It even connects to other app such as Spotify so you can listen to your favourite business podcasts or music as you drive. 

Tip: If you’re travelling by plane and need affordable parking, SkyParkSecure.com has deals for Teeside, Gatwick and other major hubs.

Like any type of travel, business travel rarely goes exactly according to plan – but with these four fantastic apps on your phone you’ll be ready for anything. 

So what are you waiting for? Install them today. 

What other apps are great for business travel? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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