4 Cool Ways to Get More People to Shop at the Mall

Shopping at the mall. Source: Fortune

Who doesn’t love to shop to buy something new? The mall is a great place to get all your shopping done, and with friends and family, the experience is even better. However, sometimes businesses run a little slow and for that we need to find ways to get more customers to make more sales. Today we’ll provide you with 4 simple ways by which you can get more people to shop at the mall.

1. Have More Events

For customers the mall is not all about shopping; experience matters too. Try to make the mall an entertainment mecca so that people of all ages can come and enjoy themselves. Frequently, the mall holds special holiday events on Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day and more. By doing this you can incite more customers to pay a visit to the mall and therefore, get more customers to visit shops. Furthermore, malls are spacious enough to have community groups or non-profit organizations to hold their events. If you are looking for more shopping mall event ideas try inquiring friends or search online.

2. Send Customers Updates

Did you know that every 6 out of 10 people use their mobile phone when shopping? Most people either use their smartphones to check reviews on the product they wish to buy, ask a friend if the product looks good enough to buy (like a dress), or to use online coupons. Therefore, getting in touch with customers via their smartphones is a great idea to increase more traffic to the mall. You can ask customers if they would like to receive texts on the latest products and discounts. Text messaging is one method that can use geo-fencing to target customers near your shop. Remember – the nearer the customer is to the mall, the quicker the customer is to arrive to shop.

3. Not Everything is About Shopping

When we hear the word mall, the word ‘shopping’ immediately comes to mind. But the mall doesn’t have to be all about shopping. For example, there is no doubt that when customers come to shop, they would eventually get hungry – so why not have a food court. Some people may come to the mall with their date and may be looking for activities to carry out like bowling, watching a movie or playing video games so try to incorporate a bowling alley or a movie theatre. You can even have a comfy spot available for those who wish to purchase books and read them too.

4. Create Wi-Fi Hot Spots

These days who doesn’t take advantage of free Wi-Fi? We all love to go online for the many different benefits it has to offer. Why not create a Wi-Fi café where people who work from home can come and do their work? You can have a small snack bar available for them so they can snack while they’re working. Moreover, high school and college students can also come by to reap the benefits of this Wi-Fi hub spot in case they have any online work assignment to complete.

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