Women Could Drive The Next Bitcoin Rally: New Infographic From Block-Builders.net Reveals

Cryptocurrencies are primarily popular with men. Yet a shift is underway among women. Some analysts now even believe that women will be behind the next Bitcoin rally. This latest infographic from Block-Builders.net spills out some intriguing facts.

The 2021 crypto rally was one of the most distinguished periods in the history of cryptocurrency. Besides enhancing the popularity of the segment, which resulted in mushrooming of crypto projects and policies worldwide, it also attracted serious interest among analysts to dig deeper into the markets.
According to survey data from multi-asset broker eToro, women accounted for a mere 15% of Bitcoin traders worldwide last year. What was more interesting was the rise in women investors from 10% in 2020 to the current number.
Block-Builders.net projected this data on their infographic to derive a straightforward inference out of it- women investors might take lead in driving the next crypto rally.

The rising popularity of cryptocurrency among women investors

Analysts are relying on the data from N26 to conclude that among actively investing women, cryptocurrencies are now even more popular than shares and stock options. Other popular interests among women investors are insurance and banking products.
Right now, crypto may appear male-dominated, but the future of crypto is gender and racially inclusive.” –  Cleve Medisor, executive director of the Blockchain Foundation and leads the National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain.
Venture capitalist and billionaire Tim Draper, who himself is a BTC investor and an influencer, believes the women investor community carries immense potential in playing a chief role in leveraging BTC’s per-coin value to nearly US$250,000. He added that women taking greater control of the retail spending would encourage possession of more crypto wallets and an increased number of transactions involving cryptocurrencies.

Closing the gender gap in the investor community

The crypto community can smell the change in the air. The world is witnessing an increase in interest in areas like shares, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and the likes from women, especially post the pandemic. Survey data and reports clearly indicate that women are rising above all stereotypes, investing better even than men and also earning higher returns. Promisingly, a wave of gender equalisation is sure to erupt new trends in the crypto space.

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