World’s First Truly Global Blockchain Equity Fund Oversubscribed Surpassing $100M Target

True Global Ventures (TGV) announced the closing of its True Global Ventures 4 Plus Fund at over $100 million, dedicated to blockchain companies primarily in late-stage equity funding Series B and C. The fund’s four investment committees focus on companies that bring the latest technology to Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) across four verticals: infrastructure, financial services, data analytics and artificial intelligence, and entertainment.Blockchain Fund, Blockchain Equity Fund, True Global Ventures, TGV, Equity Funding

TGV 4 Plus is funded by 40 partners who contributed 27% of the fund, together with a number of entrepreneurs, business angels, family offices, and institutional investors, many with co-investment rights in future equity rounds.

Eric Munson, CIO and founder, Adit Ventures, said: “We’ve been impressed by TGV’s unique deal sourcing and selection of bold entrepreneurs and companies across the globe. This has enabled us to deliver outsized returns across all our family, friends, and investor partners.”

“The TGV team continues to demonstrate their incredible value added to their portfolio companies by helping them not only with client introductions but also with next round financing and ultimately exits,” added Howard Morgan, chairman of B Capital Group and cofounder of First Round Capital.

TGV has run 56 events over four years, including eight invitation-only conferences every year. These events showcase portfolio companies, create an ecosystem for fruitful encounters, generate business, and share investment opportunities with leading technology entrepreneurs, business angels, VCs, family offices, and institutional investors, The encounters are often where portfolio companies land deals and their subsequent financing round.

About True Global Ventures: True Global Ventures 4 Plus is a Singapore-based global venture capital firm built by experienced entrepreneurs with solid track records of investing their own money together with limited partners into early and late-stage ventures run by serial entrepreneurs leveraging technology, data, AI, and blockchain as a competitive advantage to drive change with proven products.

TGV 4 Plus Fund has a presence in 20 cities: New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Stockholm, Paris, and Warsaw among others. TGV 4 Plus only invests in serial entrepreneurs with global deal flow. True Global Ventures closely supports the portfolio companies to accelerate growth in new markets, expand internationally, introduce new clients, build management teams, establish new partnerships, and leverage over 3,000 B2B relationships across the globe.