Top Subjects to Study When You Don’t Know What Career to Pick


After the second world war, the world and society as we know it changed forever. Perhaps two of the most significant societal changes in the last two centuries came from the industrial revolution and the end of the second world war. The industrial revolution gave rise to capitalism and diversity as we know it in society. From 1945 onwards, we saw modern society develop and flourish after the war.
Prevalent diversity is now in just about every aspect of society. From increased liberalism to an increase in the choice of career options and educational achievement. The latter of which is what we are going to be talking about today.
Career options are now more diverse than ever before. In modern times, it is hard for students to narrow down what they want to study when they aren’t sure. With many options before them, they now have a range of subjects which they can consider before moving on in their career.

If you don’t know which career path to pick, here are five subjects you can consider studying.


English is perhaps the most diverse subject option you can study. It opens up a considerable range of career opportunities that you can take advantage of, even more so if you haven’t narrowed it down yet. With the diversity which English gives you, you don’t have to narrow things down so far. The subject itself creates openings for you once you have engaged with the discipline. 

A degree in English is one of the most versatile degrees. Students joining this can get access to journalism, education, media, and public speaking opportunities they might have never anticipated before. Moreover, with access to online education, now would be the perfect time to enroll in a program and take advantage of remote learning. One can opt for ba english online to broaden his/her horizons and open up diverse career options.


The study of society as we know it can be extremely beneficial for the average individual. Not only does it help you think more broadly and deeply, but learning about aspects of society that we might never have thought of before. Writers such as Durkheim, Weber, and Marx can be fascinating to learn.
After studying sociology, you can move towards a career in teaching. Teaching sociology can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Imparting the sheer depth of information that sociology gives you can be a rewarding (and lucrative career).


Though we see the market slowly becoming saturated with business graduates, there will always be room for a business grad in just about any field in the future. From the medical field to education, you need business graduates to help operate the organization. Business graduates fit in just about everywhere. It would be an excellent idea for you to pursue a business or related degree if you still don’t know what to do. If not now, you will find a job later in your career when you have graduated. A business career might be stable and financially extremely rewarding. Therefore, it would be wise to hold education in business as the options it creates are incredibly diverse.


The psychological community has grown more extensive than ever before. With the rise in awareness related to mental health issues, the number of career prospects in the field has skyrocketed. Millions of people are entering the market worldwide annually. 

Contrary to popular belief, a career in psychology isn’t just limited to therapy. Sure, treatment therapy is one of the most common and dominant psychology areas. Still, there are various other sub-domains you can take advantage of in reality. Careers in HR, education, and forensics are some of the most commonly sought-after non-clinical roles in psychology. They can be equally rewarding as a career in therapy. The sector’s future seems relatively bright because of the rise in mental health awareness in the last two decades.

Millions of people worldwide are flocking to study psychology because of how diverse the career opportunities are. If nothing else, you could learn a thing or two about human behavior and society in general!

Information Technology

The technology and computer science industry is booming. Now more than ever, technology and its related fields play a significant role in the economy. Some of these companies are now worth trillions of dollars, thus giving us insight as to how important the area of IT is.
IT is a diverse career that is required just about everywhere. Much like business studies, though the market is slowly becoming saturated, an IT specialist’s role will never cease to exist.

Hence the reason you might want to pursue a career in IT and computer science. The career options range from IT to business. Therefore, you have a certain amount of diversity to fall back on, an essential factor when you can’t make up your mind about career choices.


If you aren’t ready to narrow down a career choice, don’t worry, there are millions around the world just like you. It’s a hard decision to make, so we suggest that you don’t rush into it. IT, business, psychology, sociology, English, and many other options are available for you to choose from. Take your time and plan things out; the subjects mentioned above might help you narrow things down.