The Time of The CIO has Come

How the current crisis is becoming a game changer and how the future can be secured with new digital strategies

Coronavirus economic impact concept image

Lockdown, remote, the “new normal” – and someone is constantly saying corona crisis. But where it all started, that term “crisis”, it is not charged all that negatively. In the Chinese language the word “crisis” is composed of two characters, Wei – the danger, and Ji – the opportunity. So there is a potentially enormous game changer to be leveraged coming out of the current crisis. It’s CIO time!

“Most companies and institutions are currently facing enormous challenges. Against the background of the disruption of entire markets, the focus is suddenly on new digital strategies, and, if there is to be future for an organization, their implementation cannot be delayed. So the ball is already on the IT field,” says Holger Maul, CEO of Deskcenter AG. “We are therefore making a Gartner report available this month, which is addressed to CIOs and IT management, providing them with short- and long-term solutions for various scenarios for designing and implementing future-oriented IT strategies.”

Be it flexible workplace management, the roll-out of fresh technologies or even the opening of completely new business areas – the success of digitizing the value chain depends on the performance of the company’s IT. It is therefore no coincidence that Gartner advises to secure communication and to advance the automation of administrative processes. Appropriate solutions can be very useful. “With the concentrated knowledge of this report, such far-reaching decisions can be optimally prepared,” summarizes Holger Maul. The valuable document is now available for a short time to download for free on the Deskcenter website

 About Deskcenter:

Deskcenter AG is an innovative German software manufacturer in the field of IT management. With the help of the modular software solution, customers and partners successfully implement projects in asset, software and service management.

The portfolio of the holistic IT management solution includes full client management, efficient IT asset management, complete hardware and software inventory, automated software distribution, OS deployment and patch management, reliable license management, secure enterprise mobility management and user-oriented IT service management. Combined in a homogeneous, modular suite, Deskcenter enables you to gain an overview and control over the entire IT and to optimize it holistically. Deskcenter users are thus able to automate IT processes, increase efficiency and meet compliance requirements.