Onfido’s AI Tech Will Help RVshare To Reduce Fraud And Build Trust Among Its Community

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Onfido’s AI Tech Will Help RVshare To Reduce Fraud And Build Trust Among Its Community

A new partnership between Onfido and RVshare has been announced to promote the world’s first and largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace through the latest AI technology and identity verification solutions. Through this partnership, Onfido’s machine learning tech will enable RVshare to reduce fraud and build trust among its national community of vehicle lenders and renters.

Following a comprehensive trial process, RVshare chose Onfido identity verification partner. “The superior level of trust, security and smooth user experience delivered by Onfido was a key deciding factor for choosing Onfido,” said Director of Business Development Taher Hassonjee. “This is the next step as we continue with our commitment to deliver a safe and trustworthy environment for owners and renters.”

Furthermore, Onfido is a world leader in identity verification. They have developed products powered by the latest AI that sorts true IDs from false, and then compares them against facial biometrics. That’s how they aim to help businesses bring onboard more customers, more securely, driving down fraud and other issues regarding identity and verification process.

“As a team of 250 technologists spread across 6 countries, we’ve raised $60m in funding. We power verification for 1,500 customers including, Bitstamp, Revolut and Zoomcar,” they stated. They are proud too to have become a global leader in machine learning, backed by giant tech companies such as Salesforce and Microsoft.

Husayn Kassai, CEO and co-founder at Onfido said, “In an online world, it’s increasingly difficult to build trust – but it’s crucial to the success of businesses in the sharing economy. We’re delighted to be helping reduce fraud for RVshare without adding friction for their community of users, and look forward to supporting them as they scale.”

On the other hand, RVshare makes it easy for its national network of over 60,000 RV owners to rent their extended inventory of trailers and motorhomes out to travelers around the U.S. Founded in 2013, RVshare is committed to creating an environment for owners and travelers to trust the marketplace they are renting from using the latest technology in the market.

Identity in the digital age

Companies have been working to try and develop solutions for verifying customers’ identities and so far, this has led to three different primary approaches being taken. The first is to use physical IDs for verification, such as the person scanning in a passport, national ID card or driving license and the company verifying this with the issuing authority. A second approach is the use of multi-factor authentication, where passcodes are sent to customers on a one-time basis to ensure it is really them – for example, if they are in a new location, or using a different device to usual. A third method that is currently used is having security questions that are focused on the customer’s history or on their previous transactions. There is more that could be done in terms of consolidating approaches and developing a singular digital identity for authentication and validation purposes, to save on the confusion and complexity in this area currently.

As we step into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, new means of identity proofing are needed. And along with our physical proof, we will need to manage and create digital identities, linked and non-transferable to ourselves, which will recognize us throughout the internet.

The pros are sustainable as through the digital we will be able to control our finances, buy-sell goods, interact with others or even create new ways of income and businesses. All those services will be done by us and we will be look after them as they are indeed part of our own development. And Onfido seems working towards that direction.

This digital identity offers the promise of greater efficiency, security and trust across industries and entities. From the provision of financial services to government issued identification, digital identity enables transactions for the movement of people, funds, goods, data and other resources.