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Eurekahedge is an initiative that was started back in the year 2001. It started out as a small effort by a number of finance individuals from the field who wanted to create a place where information regarding fund could be consolidated.  Hence, they decided to begin by gathering all the information that was easily available to them. This was not an easy task and the goal itself was much larger than to gather just the basics, but with time, their collection of statistics and data began to expand little by little.

Today it stands as the largest freestanding provider of information and data related services in the whole world. Their procedure was simple; they would look at individual funds and carry out detailed research to isolate important facts and figures which were then compiled. In order to get a fair idea of how far they have come from when they first set out in their endeavors, let’s take a look at one simple statistic. Right at the beginning, they had data pertaining to only 162 funds, but today this number stands at a staggering 30789 funds. eurekahedge database

Source: Eurekahedge, Hedge Funds Database

The people who have contributed to this cause include mostly fund managers who were consistent in their efforts to provide up to date data regarding various different kinds of funds and alternative investments.

These resources are available for anyone interested in the business or involved in the industry.  The pool of clients for Eurekahedge include pension funds, brokers, administrators, funds of funds, service providers and private banks just to name a few. They come to them on a frequent and regular basis in search of information, which can help them resolve issues that they might be facing.

One can expect to find a wide range of useful and valuable resources within the massive collection that has been established by Eurekahedge. This includes information regarding the latest indices and trends in management as well as investment. They also include extensive profiles regarding various kinds of funds and allow people to learn by studying the examples of those who have tried to go down similar routes earlier. This data also allows people to make an informed decision so that the chances of failure and disappointment are reduced. This way they can gauge what the outcome may be even before they have to take any preliminary steps of action. Thus indeed, there is no doubt that the services provided by Eurekahedge are extremely useful and the concept in itself is something that stands out as unique.

They also provide a comprehensive ranking system of funds as well as measurement approaches for performance of these funds. It is all these factors, which make Eurekahedge so popular in the financial world and have guaranteed it a solid footing in a highly competitive and complex industry.

One of the things that Eurekahedge is perhaps most well-known for is their industry report. This report is one of a kind in the domain as it provides readers with exactly what it is that they are looking for. It is no surprise it is highly demanded by individuals who want to stay in the loop regarding the latest happenings. The report is published once a month and a hard copy as well as a soft copy is easily available so that people can choose according to their preference. In addition to this, a newsletter is also put out every month, which covers all kinds of topics and material so that no one misses out on any recent news.

Lastly, Eurekahedge also offers research facilities upon request. This is a fantastic opportunity for those people who want very specific answers to their questions. It is also a huge asset for those who are genuinely in need of a customized package due to the unique nature of their particular problem.