Eikon says : The Uses AI to Increase Personalization for Financial Professionals on its Financial Desktop Platform

The Uses AI to Increase Personalization for Financial Professionals on its Financial Desktop Platform

Thomson Reuters today announced the launch of Eikon Digest, a proprietary personalized service containing the most significant news, research, data and information from Thomson Reuters Eikon, its financial desktop platform. EIKON Digest builds on the strength of Reuters News which is renowned for breaking news, delivering comprehensive independent analysis and commentary on the latest world and financial market news and supplements and leverages a unique combination of artificial intelligence and Reuters editorial curation, designed to distill the most critical information from a vast array of trusted sources, saving clients time and helping ensure they are always aware of what matters to them the most.

Unlike popular news aggregation services that use destination apps or home pages to deliver news, Eikon Digest goes several steps further to include AI algorithms that sift through terabytes upon terabytes of news and data to deliver personalized information according to the company list/portfolio, industry sector, language, content entitlements and regions that interest clients the most. Eikon Digest currently includes news from across 8,000+ premium news sources as well as research and events, and delivers high value news, using AI-driven concepts such as news significance in conjunction with other traditional signals such as Reuters editorial curation and readership data. Eikon Digest leverages an ensemble of algorithms and data points to deliver personalized, highly impactful information:

  • Research and Events – Algorithm sifts through terabytes of the latest research and events.
  • Significance – AI algorithm that identifies significant company news such as news about earnings, mergers and acquisitions, product launches and controversies.
  • Most Read – allows clients to view the most read stories in Eikon, ranking them by their readership.
  • Top News – the most impactful stories as handpicked by Reuters editors.
  • De-duplication and Clustering – identifies and consolidates duplicate and similar stories such as news events covered by multiple sources.

“Today our clients have more news and information at their fingertips than at any other time in history, but in order to benefit they need the capacity to quickly and easily determine what’s relevant and separate it from the rest, turning a flood of information into a manageable and actionable flow,”said Ian Brocklehurst global product head, Financial and Risk, Thomson Reuters. “Eikon Digest represents a new way for our clients to see the markets through our AI algorithms and benefit by staying ahead of changing trends, whether in the office or on the move. Over the coming months we plan to include additional content such as estimates, StarMine data, filings, and other features.”

Thomson Reuters Eikon is a powerful and intuitive next-generation solution for consuming real-time and historical data, enabling financial markets transactions and connecting with the financial markets community. Its award-winning news, analytics and data visualization tools help its users make more efficient trading and investment decisions across asset classes and instruments including commodities, derivatives, equities, fixed income and foreign exchange. Eikon is an open platform, customizable to the individual needs of a financial professional or institution.

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