How to Build a Winning Scholarship Portfolio

How to Build a Winning Scholarship Portfolio

Tuition fees rise continually and the search for the most appropriate school is now harder than ever due to numerous learning institutions around us. The competition and standards to acquire a scholarship have gone up, but it’s up to a student’s motivation to excel and receive the scholarship reward.

The road to scholarship is no walk in a park. Scholarship for high school students in a good school can be a great starting point for a successful academic career that oftentimes extends to college university scholarships. As such, you need to create an impressive academic portfolio to be considered. It takes hard work to produce one that will get you noticed.

Guarantors look more than your academic credentials; they seek versatility and balance of both academic performance and flair for extra-curricular activities. Here are a couple of general tips to build a winning scholarship portfolio.

Maintain Good Standing. You don’t necessarily need to be an honor student to be eligible for a scholarship. Regardless, good grades are still necessary. You need to excel academically to show your passion and intelligence. Good grades also show your mastery of diverse subjects, if not the skills to make you a good competitor.

Join Acknowledged Contests. Why settle with winning school-wide contests? While it’s not always about winning, taking an opportunity and into a fruitful experience by joining different contests outside the school is a good opportunity that can further hone your technical skills – whether it be writing, arts, music, sports, etc.

Initiate and Build Yourself as a Leader. Being a part of multiple student organizations as you can manage is good, but in some cases, it’s more efficient to join only a few and concentrate your efforts on select groups. More than a member, you need to become an active one and don’t just stand in the sidelines. Take on responsibilities and if you have the flair or willingness, volunteer to be a leader.

A leader is given more responsibilities, which can be measured by your professionalism and dependability. It is a good stepping stone to develop your potential while still in school.

Become a Delegate for Conferences. Growth doesn’t take place exclusively inside the confines of the campus, so students need to try looking beyond it. Students sometimes get sent to conferences as delegates, but parents/guardians and school officials need to be present as well and the focus should be on educational and youth conferences.
Aside from conferences, students can go to seminars and workshops on the campus or other locations. It’s never a waste of time to learn new things because they’re often the ones leading these seminars.

Becoming a scholar takes focus and results. For a student whose family have budget restrictions, it can be a ticket to a brighter future. So where best send your scholarship application? For high schoolers, an international school is one of the best institutions to consider when enrolling for a scholarship is since it sets the bar on learning academics and results. Not only do you get a top-notch education, but you get the most value from your efforts.

Global Indian International School (GIIS) for instance offer scholarship for high school students from any background. The categories vary from academia to sports to merit-cum-means and scientific temperament. Each scholarship cycle lasts for three months, and four such cycles are held each year under the aegis of Global Schools Foundation – the umbrella organization.