A Comprehensive Review of the Gameplay and Payouts of Fortune Tiger Slot

Fortune Tiger slot is an engaging and fun casino game created by PG SOFT (one of the best developers in the gambling industry). As a visually stunning slot, Fortune Tiger features exciting features, captivating gameplay, and fantastic rewards.

Are you a seasoned or novice player? Fortune Tiger is a game that offers an exhilarating gaming experience. In this article, we’ll review the slot’s gameplay and payout Structure. Continue reading. 

A Comprehensive Review of the Gameplay and Payouts of Fortune Tiger Slot

The Gameplay of Fortune Tiger Slot

The captivating gameplay is one of the essential features to discuss when doing a Fortune Tiger slot review. This is because it is about the major aspect of the game. 

Fortune Tiger is a game with a 5×3 reel layout and 25 fixed paylines. Beginners may at first see the gameplay mechanics as critical to know. But they will later realize it’s a slot with simple and intuitive gameplay mechanics. Regardless of your skill level, you can play and make some cash through it.

As a user-friendly slot game, players can play by first using the controls to adjust their bet size. After setting their bet, they can spin the reels. They can do this manually or activate the autoplay features. Check below for more. 

  • Golden symbol selection

You will see the selector for five golden symbols on the far left. The wild is at the bottom, and it’s always selected. With this, you have the option to constitute four additional symbols, golden. 

There are different progressive jackpots in the Fortune Tiger slot. You have more opportunities to take these Jackpots down when you have more golden symbols.

When you have four golden symbols, you can access all jackpots. You can access Mini, Minor, and major jackpots with three golden symbols. With four golden symbols, you can access mini and minor jackpots. One golden Symbol will give you access to only a mini jackpot. With no golden symbols, you cannot access any progressives.

Furthermore, any of the four alternatives you choose will decide the size of your bet. You will invest 8, 18, 38, 68, or 88 coins for each selection ranging from zero to four golden symbols.

  • Wild Symbols

The Fortune Tiger slot features an elaborate red, blue, and gold symbol. This is what is referred to as the wild symbol.  Here, players have access to 243 different ways to win. With this value, you can get many extra wins. Nonetheless, it cannot design its winning combinations.

  • Free Spins Bonus Round

Fortune Tiger slot players have access to a set of 10 free spins after getting three or more gongs from the left to the right side on the reels. During this bonus feature, you will not see card rank symbols. 

Since the symbols offer the lowest wins, you have an easier time hitting wins. Impressively, you get larger payouts when you hit the jackpot. In addition, you can re-trigger the free spins. This will offer an extra ten free turns.

  • Scatter Wins

In the Fortune Tiger slot, the scatter is the same as the golden gong symbol. The scatter offers some big wins. Three-of-a-kind offers 440×, four-of-a-kind offers 880×, and five-of-a-kind offers 4400×. It should be noted that the number of coins, not the multiple of your overall bet size, determines these payouts. 

  • Progressive Jackpots

You will see the values of the four progressive jackpots in the top-right corner of the screen. The higher jackpots do not hit more often than the lower ones. When you see a wild, it means you can hit any of the available jackpots. But the number of your chosen golden symbols will determine what jackpots you qualify for. Once qualified for a jackpot, you will have access to a coin-picking game. 

Payout Structure for the Fortune Tiger Slot

Fortune Tiger slot’s payout structure is determined by the symbols you pick. For instance, you will be offered lower payouts for combinations if you fail to select all the symbols as golden. But if you have all of them as golden, you can access the following. 

You get 1,000× for 5 of a kind with a golden flying bird. With 5 of the fish, you can score 500×. And 5 of the golden frogs offer 400×.  You get 250× for five of the golden pile of ingots while 100× is the worth of 5 coins on a ribbon.

There are other card rank symbols that pay the same. You gain 50 points for matching five of a kind symbols such as the red A, blue K, green Q, cyan J, yellow 10, and purple 9.