FinTech Bank Penta Opens Its Digital Business Banking Platform For Every Type Of Business

FinTech Bank Penta Opens Its Digital Business Banking Platform For Every Type Of Business

· Solo self-employed people can use Penta’s banking offer
· Previously, Pentas services were only available to small and medium-sized companies, start-ups, sole proprietors and freelancers with at least one employee

Digital business banking for everyone – as of today, Penta also offers its product and services to solo self-employed people. The digital platform for business banking is thus expanding its target group and taking a broader positioning in the market.

Up until now, Penta’s 20,000 customers have mainly been small and mediumsized enterprises with 2 to 50 employees, as well as founders. As a first step in December 2019, Penta also started onboarding freelancers with at least one employee such as doctors, notaries, lawyers and sole proprietors such as craft businesses in its range of services for the first time.

Marko Wenthin, CEO Penta said: “By opening up to the so-called liberal professions and sole traders, we have realized the great demand for good digital solutions within those segments. As a result, we are now opening up our platform to solo self-employed people as well. Our goal at Penta has always been to provide an excellent service to all those who are looking for more than just banking – and that includes a lot of self-employed people.”

Just like small and medium sized businesses, freelancers and self-employed professionals can now benefit from Penta’s full banking service, which includes features such as multi-user access for the accountant, integrated accounting software or multi-account aggregation. Future services such as cash flow forecast and the possibility to open sub-accounts with your own IBAN are also important for the self-employed as well as for entrepreneurs in order to manage their business in the best possible way.

Wenthin added: “With the broader positioning and expansion of our target and customer audience, Penta becomes the platform for all entrepreneurs, whether with or without employees, in foundation or already active on the market for years, whether doctor, pharmacist, online shop, translator or carpenter. Anyone who wants to manage their finances quickly, easily and digitally and who is looking for a direct interface to accounting or for their own tax advisor can benefit from our platform.”

Penta is the digital platform for business banking. Companies can apply for a business account within minutes and receive a German IBAN, debit cards for expense management and other financial services. The company is headquartered in Berlin, with offices in Milan and Belgrade. The management consists of Marko Wenthin, Jessica Holzbach, Luka Ivicevic, Lukas Zörner, Henrik Jondell and Igor Kuschnir.

The bank was officially launched in December 2017, and since then Penta has proven to be attractive amongst the burgeoning Berlin startup scene as well as with small business owners in Germany because of its ease of opening and its friendly and personalized customer support.

In that regard, business owners in Germany can sign up for in just a few minutes, compared to several weeks at existing banks. The bank account is also free to use and Penta doesn’t charge any monthly fees. Within just a few days of opening an account, Penta customers receive their bright green business MasterCard in the mail.