Warren Bowie and Smith Review: Is It Safe?

Warren Bowie and Smith is an online brokerage platform suitable for all and sundry thanks to its marvelous features which are ideal for every type of traders such as newbies, experienced, veteran, and expert traders. After arduous work on its design, the platform had been launched in 2020 and since then it has been serving its clients to its full exponential. In this Warren Bowie and Smith review, this broker would be evaluated from every possible angle so that the readers get answers to all their queries.

Warren Bowie and Smith Review Is It Safe

This platform is being operated by a team of senior traders and brokers who have plenty of experience under their names. The company headquarters of Warren Bowie and Smith is located in the East African country Mauritius and it is administered by Securcap Securities Ltd. According to ISO standards, there have been 249 countries registered for country codes and this broker offers its services to all of them. It is a completely transparent broker with performance-based features and expiatory trading tools which are to be discussed in this review.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Is It A Secure Brokerage Platform?

No matter how many features a broker provides, all of them become useless if the platform is not safe for its users. When traders register with a brokerage platform, they cede their investment and information to it. A broker must have strong security protocols so that its clients feel a sense of protection. Warren Bowie and Smith value its customers that is why it has given them the deserving security. It has designed its own risk management policy and follows the renowned KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policies as well. The KYC policy ensures the safety of information while AML guarantees the safety of money.

Following the KYC policy, Warren Bowie and Smith asks its users to provide their full name, contact number, and email address at the time of registration. Later, the broker verifies this information from various databases, and if the record shows any criminal activity then the trader is not allowed to trade on this platform. The firm does this to ensure the safety of its traders because when a criminal mixes up with other traders, their security is compromised. But this scrutiny of information makes Warren Bowie and Smith a secure broker.

According to AML policy, Warren Bowie and Smith keeps an eye on every single transaction made by its users. This is done to prevent any money laundering attempt that can be used to finance terror activities in any part of the world. In addition, this record is kept for seven years so that it can be produced if required at any time. Both these policies collectively make Warren Bowie and Smith a safe platform for every trader.

Warren Bowie and Smith: The Trading Platform

A majority of trading platforms and brokers prefer to use ready-made trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 and 5. Although these platforms are good but their weaknesses have been pointed out by hackers and fraudsters which they can use at any time against a broker. Due to this reason, Warren Bowie and Smith has created its own trading platform which is named ‘PROfit’. PROfit is not just a platform for traders where they can trade but a feature-rich facility where hundreds of automated features and tools are available. The provision of so many features makes this broker flexible enough to support every type of traders such as beginner, professional, and expert level traders.

The exclusive PROfit platform provides an entry to the online trading market and provides elaborative research tools such as candlestick charts to make it easier for its respected customers. Furthermore, it is a web-based trading platform which means that you wouldn’t have to go through the difficulty of downloading and installing it. All you need is a computer with a working internet connection and you can start earning right away.

The PROfit platform is compatible with mobile devices as well. It not only works on all mobile devices but you wouldn’t even feel any difference because every feature is readily available on the mobile version. The compatibility, transparency, and richness (in features) of Warren Bowie and Smith make it an ideal choice for modern traders.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Trading Products

Nowadays, people are rapidly shifting towards crypto trading due to its lucrativeness but the priorities of every trader are not the same. Still millions of traders want to trade traditional trading instruments such as Forex, indices, and commodities. As I have mentioned earlier, Warren Bowie and Smith has always aimed at traders’ welfare, it is offering multiple trading products so that they trade the instruments in which they feel more satisfaction and safety. Now I am going to tell you about the markets which you can tap with the help of this mesmerizing broker.

  • Cryptocurrency

The first market available for you at Warren Bowie and Smith is the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies are digital coins based on blockchain. These currencies don’t have any physical existence and the first-ever digital currency, Bitcoin, was launched in 2009. Now the total number of available cryptocurrencies is over 5k and most of them can be traded here at Warren Bowie and Smith platform. The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is over 125 billion dollars.

  • Forex

The second market presented in front of you by Warren Bowie and Smith is the foreign currency exchange market. This is one of the oldest trading markets from which millions of traders have earned profits. The prices of currencies change according to economic and physical conditions which provide opportunities to traders. These changes attract traders to deposit in them and the plus point is that foreign currencies are not as volatile as the cryptocurrencies.

  • Commodities

The next market offered by Warren Bowie and Smith is the commodity market. You can trade both types of commodities, soft and hard, by using this brokerage platform. Commodities include food items, metals, and oil.

In the early stages of a trading career, it feels difficult to some people to decide which trading instrument they should invest in. Warren Bowie and Smith has solved this problem for them by offering ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). An ETF is a reserve of multiple assets that can be traded as one stock. This option has created a lot of convenience for the traders and the traders don’t have to pay additional commissions.

It is pertinent to mention here that Warren Bowie and Smith provides Contracts for deposits (CFDs) on all trading products offered by the broker. CFD is an agreement between a trader and his broker that lets him trade the difference in the value of an asset at a specific time. At the platform, the CFDs are treated as a private contract between the traders and the broker. Last but not the least, Warren Bowie and Smith offers leverage as well on CFDs.

Trading Conditions at Warren Bowie and Smith

Warren Bowie and Smith is one of those few brokerage platforms which emphasize user satisfaction instead of making profits. Being a user-friendly broker, Warren Bowie and Smith has carved its trading conditions in such a way that trading becomes easier for its clients. Let’s discuss the trading conditions of this broker one by one.

  • Margin Liquidation

If you sign up with this broker, you would never receive margin calls. It is because there would be no need for it as this platform has a built-in feature that stops your balance from falling into negative digits by closing all positions automatically. In this way, Warren Bowie and Smith protects its clients from being liable for an amount bigger than their investment.

  • Suspension of Inactive Accounts

To prevent the platform from overcrowding, Warren Bowie and Smith suspends all those accounts which don’t make any deposit, withdraw, or any other kind of trading activity for more than three months. Before suspending an account, the broker issues a fine of 500 dollars which is a warning for the traders but if still, the situation persists, then the account is deactivated.

  • Trading Hours

As mentioned above, Warren Bowie and Smith enables its traders to spread their investment in various markets but traders need to follow the timings of those markets. For trading in Forex and Commodities, the platform remains open from 22 GMT on Sunday night until 22 GMT on Friday night. For CFD trading, the timings differ according to regions (US, Europe, UK, and Asia).

Warren Bowie and Smith: Account Types

Here at the WBandSmith.com trading platform, all clients are treated in the same way without any kind of discrimination. Everyone is provided access to all of its trading tools and features without any restriction. It has been made possible by not offering any trading accounts. The traders are required to deposit only 200 dollars an initial deposit.

The number of available protected positions differs according to the investment of traders. A protected position is a guard used against losses beyond a specific price threshold. The minimum number of granted protected positions on this platform is 5 while the maximum number of positions is 15.

I have tried to convey as much information as possible in this review but if you have any queries, you can feel free to contact the broker at any time through the following communication methods.

  1. Live chat option on the platform
  2. Visiting the head office (Mauritius)
  3. Emailing at the official email address
  4. Dialing the contact numbers
  5. Social media (Whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube)

Final Words

We have come to know by reading this review that Warren Bowie and Smith has a distinguish trading platform (PROfit) and user-friendly trading conditions by using which you can trade crypto, commodities, and forex. You can start trading with only 200 dollars in hand and the platform saves you from the trouble of choosing between account types as well. You can start your trading career by registering with Warren Bowie and Smith by filling out its straightforward registration form.