Hedge Think Top 50 Hedge Fund LinkedIn Groups – Part 2


Having initially been reluctant to engage with the possibilities of social media, the hedge fund industry is now embracing the networking, marketing, and recruitment possibilities that social media – particularly enterprise network LinkedIn – presents.

In the previous part of this series, we listed 25 of the top LinkedIn groups for the hedge fund industry, covering everything from the big groups targeted at the industry as a whole to more region- or specialisation-specific groups where members can connect with each other, share knowledge and resources, and discuss industry and sub-sector-specific topics. Here are the rest of the groups, together with links (click on the group title), the administrators, the number of members, the most active members, and the geographical area that they are most concerned with.

Hedge Fund Administration
Responsible: Rajan Nallan, CFA
No. of members: 1.594
Geography: Bahrain

Hedge Fund Administrators of North America
Responsible: Mohsen Noursalehi
No. of members: 1.554
Most active members: Priyanka Lakhe
Geography: US

Hedge Fund Regulation
Responsible: Gene Philips
No. of members: 1.551
Most active members: William H. Anderson
Geography: US

Hedge Fund Managers Network
Responsible: Jens A. S. Blauenschild
No. of members: 1.791
Most active members: Andreas Procopos, Jeffrey Mishlove
Geography: UK

Hedge Fund Association
Responsible: Lara Block
No. of members: 1.278
Most active members: Patrick Rooney
Geography: US

Hedge Fund Marketing & Sales Professionals
Responsible: Richard C. Wilson
No. of members: 1.274
Most active members: Owen Gregory, Hedge Think
Geography: US

Canadian Hedge Fund Industry
Responsible: Robert Klein
No. of members: 1.231
Geography: Canada

Hedge Fund Business Operations Association
Responsible: Erin Busch
No. of members: 1.194
Most active members:
Geography: US

L.A. Hedge Fund Networking
Responsible: Adam Wagner
No. of members: 1.597
Most active members: Ridaa Murad
Geography: US

Hedge Fund Careers
Responsible: David Kochanek
No. of members: 1.059
Most active members: Ana Maria Palacio Calle
Geography: US

The New York Hedge Fund Networking Group
Responsible: Tara Phelan
No. of members: 1050
Most active members: Ron Suber, Stephen A. Bornstein
Geography: US

California Hedge Fund Group (CHFG)
Responsible: Vinod Paul
No. of members: 934
Most active members: Ridaa Murad
Geography: US

Singapore Hedge Fund
Responsible: Jean Viry-Babel
No. of members: 1.223
Geography: Singapore

Hedge Fund Black Box Algorithmic Trading
Responsible: Dean Garamella
No. of members: 1.182
Most active members: Jared Broad, Silviu Crivilaru, JF Owczarczak, CFTe, FRM
Geography: US

Hedge Fund Managed Accounts Group
Responsible: Richard Tomlison
No. of members: 967
Most active members: Mikkel Thorup
Geography: UK

Hedge Fund & RIA regulation
Responsible: Jeroen Gruijerts
No. of members: 903
Most active members: William H. Anderson
Geography: Netherlands

Fixed Income Hedge Fund
Responsible: Lev Borodovsky
No. of members: 1.003
Most active members: Sober Look, Aleem Gulamhusein
Geography: US

Hedge Fund Multi-Strategy & Fund of Funds
Responsible: Seth Berlin
No. of members: 1.246
Most active members: Pedro Jardim, Edoardo G. Cignoli
Geography: US

Hedge Fund Prime Brokerage and Capital Introduction
Responsible: Ryan M.
No. of members: 738
Most active members: Mitch A., Ryan M.
Geography: US

Alternatives Investments: Private Equity, Hard Assets, Hedge Funds, Commodities, timber, Real Estate
Responsible: Richard C. Wilson
No. of members: 28.877
Most active members: Mark R. Navarro, Ezra Zask
Geography: US

Japan Hedge Fund
Responsible: Veryan Allen
No. of members: 567
Most active members: Rachel Zhu
Geography: Japan

Mutual Fund and Investment Jobs and Careers
Responsible: Charles O’Neil
No. of members: 38.788
Most active members: Rafael R. Nieto
Geography: US

Hedge Funds Review Group
Responsible: Jeremy Simmons
No. of members: 9.798
Most active members: Andrew Marshall, Brian Dawson, Nigel Somec
Geography: UK