Tanzania gives you a warm welcome

Tanzania is a warm country, something that you should have in mind when you are visiting it. Here, this article will let you know important things about this wonderful country. We hope that after reading this article, you can find out more about Tanzania.

Tanzania gives you a warm welcome

Most famous tourist attraction: Kilimanjaro

The most famous tourist attraction in Tanzania is Kilimanjaro. It is the highest mountain in Africa and one of the Seven Summits. The other six mountains are Mount Everest, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Vinson Massif, Carstensz Pyramid and Kosciuszko.

Kilimanjaro has been on top of every list of travelers since they first visited it. It is also known as Mt. Meru or Muhima in Swahili. It is located in Northern Tanzania near Arusha city. It is 1,895 m (6,092 ft) above sea level. There is an airport at Marangu which is only 40 km from the summit. You can get there by bus, taxi, or car.

Kilimanjaro is the tallest freestanding mountain anywhere on Earth. It was named after the local tribe called Kiliya. They live around the base of the mountain. Their name means “the place where people climb.”

What you need for Kilimanjaro

There are many routes to reach the peak of Kilimanjaro. Most climbers start from Marangu village. From here, they walk through the forest until they reach the Machame route. Then they continue walking along the ridge until they reach Uhuru Peak. At this point, they must cross the snow line. After crossing the snow line, they go down to Mawenzi hut. Finally, they take the last part of their journey up to the top.

There are three main ways to see Kilimanjaro:

1- By foot

2- By horseback

3- By helicopter

When you want to see Kilimanjaro’s beauty, you need to be prepared with some basic equipment. The first thing you need to bring is hiking boots. These shoes must be good quality because you will be spending a lot of time walking. If you do not bring proper shoes, you may suffer from blisters and cuts. Second, you need sunblock lotion. Tanzanians use natural oil instead of chemical products. Third, you need a hat. In addition to protecting your head from the sun, hats keep you cool during hot days. Fourth, you need water. Bring enough water bottles, so that you don’t run out of drinking water. Fifth, you need snacks. Snacks help you stay energized while walking. Sixth, you need a camera. Take pictures of Kilimanjaro’s beautiful scenery. Seventh, you need mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes bite during the rainy season. Eighth, you need sunscreen. Sunscreen protects you from harmful rays. Ninth, you need a flashlight. Tenth, you need a compass. Eleventh, you need binoculars. Twelfth, you need a map.

Many things? Only the essentials! To make this trip unique.

Best time to visit

If you want to enjoy the best view of Kilimanjaro, then you should plan your trip between November and March. During these months, the weather is perfect. However, if you want to avoid heavy rains, choose September to October.

How to get there?

Most tourists fly into Dar es Salaam. From there, they rent a car and drive to Arusha. Once in Arusha, they hire a guide and trek to the base camp.

Where to stay?

Most visitors sleep in tents. The cost of renting a tent ranges from $30-$50 per night. However, some people prefer to stay in lodges. Lodging costs about $100 per person per day.

What to eat?

You can find food all over the mountain. But most locals like to eat rice and beans. Rice and beans are cheap and filling. You can buy them at any grocery store.


You can either rent a car or take a taxi. A car costs about $60 per day. Taxis charge about $10 per kilometer.

Do you need a visa to enter Tanzania?

Yes. You need a visa, depending on your nationality. If you want to know more about it, go to [Tanzania Visa]. Here you will find the application and more information. You do not need to go to the embassy or consulate. Now everything is much simpler from the comfort of your home and just one click away. The application form will only take 15 minutes, and you will soon be enjoying Tanzania and a magical place like Kilimanjaro.