New York Car Shipping Tips

New York is an extremely popular state for car shipping. With its expansive metropolis, iconic skyscrapers, and top universities – New York serves as an international car shipping hub.

For optimal car shipping results, select a company with strong local ties. These connections ensure superior service and may even lead to cost savings.


Auto transport costs vary based on the specifics of each order, such as distance from pickup to delivery and make/model of car/vehicle chosen; type of shipping such as open or enclosed transport and scheduling flexibility/speed desired when it comes to shipping your car quickly.

One way to quickly understand pricing and get an instant quote for car shipping in New York is with an online car shipping calculator which provides instantaneous quotes and helps find you a company suitable to your needs.

Before selecting a car shipping service provider, it’s crucial to research their reputation and experience. A reputable car shipping company should feature excellent customer reviews as well as an impressive network of carriers; as well as ensure they are licensed and insured.

Look for services with both door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal shipping capabilities as this will ensure optimal results.

There are numerous ways you can reduce your New York car shipping cost. One option is shipping during off-peak season, which could save up to 40%.

Another strategy is removing personal items from your vehicle before transporting it; this will prevent charges for damage during transit while saving you money in return. In addition, document any pre-existing damage for recordkeeping purposes. You can click the link: to learn how to repair minor body damage.


Shipping your vehicle between New York and other states doesn’t have to be costly. With just a few tips, you can save money while still receiving top-quality auto transport service.

Booking transport during off-peak season could save money; similarly, making sure your car is clean and free from personal items before giving it to a carrier can also help easily identify any damage sustained during transportation and hold them responsible.

Distance also plays an important role in car shipping costs and timelines; shorter distances usually means faster delivery; however, realistic expectations should be set as driving a vehicle over long distances can cause irreparable damage.

Selecting a reliable transport company is essential in ensuring the safe arrival of your car to its destination. They should offer you a detailed quote and timeframe for their delivery of your vehicle; some even provide guaranteed delivery if there’s an urgent need to ship.


Car transport to or from New York requires some careful preparation. You should choose a reputable interstate auto transport company, read customer reviews and ratings, compare quotes and check whether insurance will cover the transit process.

RoadRunner Auto Transport offers comprehensive car shipping services throughout Manhattan, from door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery.

They boast an outstanding track record in the industry and boast outstanding testimonials from their customers, employing experienced New York City drivers who know how to navigate its roads and bridges, using proven securing techniques to protect vehicles against damage.

Search for a reputable car shipping company with clear, transparent quotes with no unexpected or hidden fees or price increases during transport. Ideally, choose New York auto transport with an insurance policy to protect against damages to or losses during transit. This could potentially save money in case any of these occur.

As soon as your car reaches its destination, it will be important to inspect it thoroughly for any pre-existing damages, which should be documented for record keeping purposes and photographed where applicable. Once complete, sign the bill of lading and collect your vehicle. If any further damages occurred during delivery, any claims can be filed with the carrier directly.


When shipping cars between New York and other locations, it is essential that you take proper precautions and choose a reliable car transport company. Check their reputation, reviews and pricing structure in order to get a fair deal; and remember to remove any personal items from your car prior to being picked up for transport as the transport company cannot be held liable for anything left in there.

Reliable car shipping services offer superior customer support at competitive prices, offering open carrier transport, enclosed transport and expedited shipping services. They’re even adept at managing the unique challenges involved with shipping vehicles in and around Manhattan using dispatch specialists who connect drivers along your route while finding space on a carrier that best meets their needs. You can click here for NY traffic updates.

Cost of car shipping from New York depends on its distance between pickup and delivery locations, so it is wise to obtain multiple quotes from different companies as the price can differ significantly between services. Some may charge a flat rate regardless of vehicle type or distance traveled while others may provide specific rates depending on vehicle type, distance travelled and broker fees which typically aren’t included with initial quotes.