How To Engage Customers with AV Installations?

Read this article to find out how your audiovisual installations could make a difference and keep customers coming back for more.

How To Engage Customers with AV Installations?

What Are AV Installations?

An audiovisual installation is an AV tool that acts as a type of exhibit. Companies often use them to draw the eye and build interest in their products, whether or not they themselves specialize in audiovisual tech. This lets them craft a memorable experience while promoting their own brand.

Technology is taking over the business world at a rapid pace. In many ways, you can only keep delivering value to your customers by embracing this fact. Audiovisual tools in particular have a lot to offer. They specialize in high-quality visuals, letting you easily get a new buyer’s attention.

Creating Impactful Ads with Digital Signage

Physical signs, banners, and billboards quickly become outdated and could easily blend into the background after a few brief glances. Digital sign installations offer customizable displays which show photos and videos of your choice to promote your business. These screens can go inside your store, directly outside of it, or just anywhere that your target audience will see.

Some companies also set up these signs as self-service terminals, giving them practical use for your customers. When people aren’t using the screen to buy your products, it can play ads as a screensaver to highlight new items and deals. If certain ads aren’t working, changing them is as simple as uploading a new file or switching the stream.

While online marketing often takes priority in the digital age, companies can blend this approach with physical advertising. They can even adapt these ads to different audiences. For example, a juice bar could promote its lunchtime deals at midday. Alternatively, signs which suggest buying a post-work snack could go live at 5pm; this gives businesses more flexibility.

How Businesses Are Using Virtual Reality

Many companies have started using virtual reality to offer diverse experiences to customers and clients. Some even operate shops in VR, giving potential buyers a chance to view their items in a 3D setting. Virtual tours for museums and realtors are also trying out this approach — which is typically much more effective than a series of still images.

Your business can add a virtual reality unit to its physical store to stand out from the crowd. For example, home decor companies could create a virtual space that shows how their furniture will look in the living room. Not many people own VR headsets, meaning an audiovisual installation could help customers try out virtual reality for the first time.

VR installations such as these evolve the traditional shopping experience. They give customers an entirely new way of interacting with businesses. For game (or general technology) stores, VR headsets that anyone can pick up and put on could be very popular. Even just an opportunity to play a virtual reality game would help someone remember your business. 

How Video Walls Can Impress Customers

Large-scale displays such as video walls could also act as digital signage, but this particular tool has plenty of other applications. Electronics stores can make use of them to highlight the power of 4K screens, for example. These product demonstrations will captivate customers, and maybe even inspire them to make the jump from HD to a 4K monitor.

Video walls can also incorporate touchscreen or motion control features, giving both customers and window-shoppers a new way of engaging with your business. A multi-video wall controller is vital for giving companies the flexibility they need to deliver high-quality screen experiences. As the name suggests, these displays can take up an entire wall in your store.

In situations where you need to get a customer’s attention, video walls are incredibly useful. For example, restaurants can let diners know when their table is ready via these displays. Video wall setups ultimately serve many of the same purposes as any other screen. However, the scale of this technology makes a strong impression no matter how businesses use it

Final Thoughts

Managing a company can often feel like a battleground for people’s attention. An AV installation could be exactly what you need to stand out and deliver an experience, customers are unlikely to forget.