Hedge Fund Association


The Hedge Fund Association is an international organization, which was founded in 1996 and is a nonprofit organization in nature. It is a lobby organization, which works to further transparency, trust and development of different types of alternative investments. It is composed of different players including hedge funds, brokers, private banks and other kinds of service providers.

The aim of the HFA is to inform the public and different stakeholders about hedge funds. Through educational symposiums and networking events, it communicates and interacts with its members in different regions. Other important members of the HFA include family offices, pension funds, individuals with a high net worth, endowments, foundations, custodians, administrators, lawyers, accountants, auditors, risk managers, third party marketers, technologists etc.

How HFA Works? 

The function of the HFA is to make public policy, along with expanding opportunities in the global hedge fund. It also issues policy statements and papers aside from working as a philanthropic organization in its regional chapters. The members of the HFA advocate the cause of the global hedge fund industry and it also allows new members to access the network of industry leaders which in turn increases professional opportunities for everyone.. The HFA serves to provide a vast amount of information about hedge funds to its members.

The HFA website provides a comprehensive description about the way hedge funds operate and summarizes the description with the help of some key characteristics. It also canonically lists all the important facts and statistics about hedge funds. Furthermore, there is a detailed explanation about different types of strategies used by investors and managers of hedge funds. In this way, the HFA is serving to counter popular misconceptions about hedge funds too.

Regarding issues of public policy and other regulations, the HFA stays in close contact and discussion with lawmakers in Washington DC. In addition, it also endorses and furthers the policies which help assist the establishment of new and burgeoning hedge funds.

The HFA serves as the unanimously recognized and professionally acknowledged voice of the hedge fund industry globally, as the publications and printing material passes through the organization. The members of the association are renowned and their opinions and statements are usually quoted in different publications. Since the HFA plays a dominant education and philanthropic role, it is frequently asked to be a part of different conferences, meetings and symposiums.

The website of HFA provides a link to the Press Room, which chronologically lists the details of different conferences or press releases throughout the years. These help provide new hedge funds with the right knowledge about the developments in this industry.

The HFA TV in addition is an online channel, which will provide over 2500 videos by the members regarding different issues of the global hedge fund industry. There is also a plethora of articles and white papers available from 2001 to the present regarding different issues the HFA and hedge funds, in general, have encountered. Philanthropically the HFA supports a number of organizations which work on issues such as child abuse, poverty, development of prosthetic limbs, welfare of children of war veterans, female empowerment, female health etc. The HFA also provides a number of career opportunities for those who are well qualified and interested in this industry.

Perks of Membership

Members of the HFA will greatly benefit from a number of perks, such as discounts on conferences globally, low price editions of publications, participation in lobbying and public relations, free banner ad on the HFA site, access to information about hedge funds, access to a network which offers many professional opportunities. They can also include the HFA logo on their organization’s résumé.  Discount on services of a variety of other businesses will also be available to members.

Those who are willing to join the HFA would be required to identify their category, whether they are hedge fund managers, fund of funds managers, end investors, hedge fund professionals, third party marketers or students. Members can also easily renew their membership, depending on the size of their organization.