George Russell set to join Mercedes F1 team in 2022 season

Lewis Hamilton and Valterri Bottas have been a longstanding partnership, being one of the most successful teams in recent years, recognised as some of the most iconic F1 drivers of their time.

Yet the partnership is soon to be broken up.

Taking the world by storm, George Russell has made a bold move to leave the Williams F1 team and is joining the Mercedes F1 team, replacing Valtteri Bottas and joining Lewis Hamilton.

As a longtime supporter of the team, the move to Mercedes was long suspected for Russell. Mercedes is one of the most popular brands both on the track and on the road. In fact, so much so that the new Mercedes A class is one of the most popular sport hatchbacks on the market.

Who is George Russell?

Rising through the ranks of Formula 1, George has displayed a real passion for the sport since he started karting back in 2006. Winning the MSA British Cadet Championship and the British Open in 2009, George has proven himself to be a talented driver with huge potential.

Following a successful career rising through the ranks since 2015, George made his Formula One debut with Williams Racing as the official Race Driver in 2019 and went on to race his third season of Formula 1 in 2021.

At just 22 years old, he’s quickly following in the footsteps of the greats such as Lewis Hamilton.

The move to Mercedes is only the beginning for this talented young driver.

More about the move

It’s been announced that George Russell is set to move to join Lewis Hamilton as part of the Mercedes team, leaving behind his Williams team and replacing Valterri Bottas after his move to Alfa Romeo.

Bottas has been teaming up with Hamilton since 2016 and has helped the team claim victory for the last five seasons, therefore replacing Bottas with Russell is a bold move. However, Russel has had his best season yet in Formula 1. In fact, he has been so successful that he’s received the nickname “Mr. Saturday” thanks to his ability to consistently qualify.

Although it’s a daring move for such a young driver, Russell is looking forward to taking the opportunity to climb the ranks of F1 and take on a new challenge. Being teamed up with one of the best F1 drivers of all time is nerve wracking, but the F1 world is ready for big things with new talent to fill the shoes of Bottas.

The bottom line is that although the Formula 1 world will be sad to see Bottas leave Mercedes for Alfa Romeo, big things are expected from the new partnership. By paring up one of the world’s greatest F1 drivers with the freshest new talent coming up from the ranks – the racing world is about to be shaken up in 2022 with the signing of a new multi-year deal for Mercedes.