CoinLock Announces Collaboration with Idoneus And Lists IDON Token

CoinLock Announces Collaboration with Idoneus And Lists IDON Token

– IDON luxury asset token can be traded on the platform.

– IDON users can now enjoy more utility—like free hedging and interest-free leverage.

CoinLock has announced a collaboration with Idoneus and an immediate listing of the IDON token on the CoinLock platform. This partnership leverages IDON’s industry-leading luxury goods and services network by joining forces with one of the most innovative cryptocurrency platforms in the world.

CoinLock is a platform that delivers increased utility to cryptocurrency by providing transformational value-added services and will provide users of Idoneus with additional options.

“Idoneus is excited to be partnering with CoinLock in providing world class exchange, security and custodial services for our native digital asset, the IDON,” said Jarrett Preston, CEO of Idoneus. “We have invested significant time and effort in finding the right partner to provide peace of mind to our clients and partners, who value security and discretion very highly. CoinLock has a strong reputation for security and they share the same commitment to protecting and growing value for their clients.”

This joint collaboration means that users can now buy and sell IDON tokens peer-to-peer on the platform with USD. This allows for an easy way to both enter and exit the market and establishes a central hub for the IDON token and its community of investors in luxury assets.

Furthermore, users can now hedge and lock-in a fixed USD value on their coins without paying any fees or having to sell their coins. The Idon+Protect feature offers Idoneus coin holders options not otherwise found on traditional exchanges.

This partnership also marks a significant step forward in advancing IDON as a trusted and safe payment option. Users can now send and receive IDON in seconds to anywhere in the world without fees.

For those interested in capitalizing on the price of Idoneus moving higher, CoinLock also provides unique leverage services to Idoneus customers. The platform allows traders to get 4x leverage on IDON tokens and does so without charging any interest.

“Idoneus is a global leader in amazing properties and luxury assets and we’re thrilled to bring IDON to the CoinLock platform,” said Rikky Hasan, CEO of CoinLock. “They share our vision of a world class product.”