Interest In Metaverse Investments Skyrocket By Up To 28,000%

Interest In Metaverse Investments Skyrocket By Up To 28,000%

Interest In Metaverse Investments : New research can today reveal the top trending metaverse money questions – with more than a 28,000% increase in searches for ‘How to buy land in the metaverse?’ As the metaverse continues to be the hot topic of 2022, experts at BrokerChooser have analysed Google searches to reveal the most common questions surrounding money in the metaverse.

Interest In Metaverse Investments Skyrocket By Up To 28,000%Interest In Metaverse Investments Skyrocket By Up To 28,000%

1. How to buy land in the metaverse? – 28,775% increase
The topic that has seen the greatest spike in interest by far is people looking for help on how to buy land in the metaverse. Searches skyrocketed from 160 to 46,200 in just three months showing just how attractive the prospect of buying virtual land has become for many.

2. What is a metaverse coin? – 20,875% increase
Interest in metaverse coins saw an increase of over 20,000%. Metaverse coins are a form of cryptocurrency that can be used to buy and trade assets such as land in the metaverse. There are several different metaverse coins for different platforms, with Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND) and Theta Network (THETA) having the highest market capitalisations.

3. How to use metaverse? – 19,833% increase
It might sound like quite a broad question, but ‘how to use metaverse’ saw the third-highest increase in searches! Technically, you can access the metaverse through your smartphone, but to have the truly immersive experience that the metaverse was created for, you’ll want either a virtual reality headset or pair of augmented reality smart glasses.

The research also revealed: 

  • The most commonly asked metaverse question is ‘What is the metaverse?’ with 762,680 annual searches followed by ‘How to invest in the metaverse?’ with 92,870 searches and ‘How to buy land in the metaverse?’ with 46,390 searches.
  • The country embracing the metaverse the most is Singapore with the most searches per million people at 3,166. This is followed by New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Tamas Muller, Growth Manager at BrokerChooser, commented: 

The recent success stories in the NFT space brought a lot of speculative interest to the metaverse platforms, but this time it’s about real estate. I don’t think it’s a fad, metaverse real estate have even more utility (rent out, build on it, use it for virtual gatherings, etc) than art or fashion NFTs.

“We are still early in the whole metaverse development, it’s hard to know for sure if we’ll have only a handful of popular digital worlds or we will have thousands of smaller metaverse islands. The direction of this will decide the scarcity of digital real estate and hence their future value.

“But if the metaverse real estate stays with us for long, it’s quite sure we’ll also see the rise of businesses and ecosystems building on top of it, like the emerging virtual real estate companies.