The Future of NFTs And Sports: Ronaldinho Stars New NFT Collection

Influxo is the premiere creative NFT studio. It launched an integrated market place with the limited-edition collection featuring Ronaldinho, two-time FIFA World Player of the Year. This has been an innovative move that collaborates the two separate worlds of sports and NFT to come together.

Ronaldinho is the first superstar athlete with an NFT collection on Influxo

“Sports clubs and sports personalities have always been at the forefront of the new concepts and technologies and it is no different with NFTs. There is a great fit between both NFTs and sports and they certainly add a lot of value for each other”. said Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, popularly known as Ronaldinho, former professional footballer and the first superstar athlete with an NFT collection on Influxo.

NFTs and The Sport Industry

The sport industry is exploring NFTs in different ways but always with the ultimate goal of getting closer to their fans by providing new experiences and as a way of broadening their revenue streams.

The first form of NFTs that companies are exploring is that of digital content. The most well-known case to date is the highly successful NBA Top Shot. A collaborative project between blockchain company Dapper Labs and the NBA to establish the well-known sport-related NFT applications. This provides the marketplace for the fans to purchase and sell highlight video clips of top-class basketball games. These reels are coupled with NBA-licensed digital items. These licenses mean the owner may not have the right to reproduce or get profit from the clips but can own a license to use, copy and display these highlight clips. The platform has successfully satisfied the fan’s demand of buying and collecting athletes’ valuable belongings. NBA Top Shot has received around $500 million in sales so far.

Another option that NFTs and blockchain allows for is the creation of fan tokens. This NFT application lets fans have exclusive access, VIP rights, and some influence over certain decisions related to the sports team. In 2020, the Spanish football club, FC Barcelona issued its fan token ($BAR) and got an impressive $1.3 million in less than 2 hours after the tokens hit the market. The token has so far reached 106 different nations and provided fans many fascinating opportunities, including the decision for the design of murals inside the team’s locker room.

The sport NFT application in Virtual Real Estate is one of the innovative use cases of NFT. The individual can own the unique virtual real estate related to the football team. Owning a seat in the virtual stadium can give the owner the right to watch exclusive stadium events and have an appearance from sport starts. This platform will be the potential section for sports clubs and athletes to exploit and create valuation.

As was said by hackernoon: “The NFT application in the ticket will be important. The issues of ticket fraud and scalps have long been a controversial topic among event organizers and participants. However, with the appearance of NFT, the fan can feel assured to get a genuine ticket when they purchase on the blockchain with absolute data verification. Besides, blockchain networks can help the sport organizers to trace back all the sale prices and scalp history from the opportunists. Therefore, fans can have an authentic and convenient way to get sports tickets, along with many exclusive rights.”

The Ronaldinho featured NFT collection

According to the star soccer player, “NFT collection is completely about me since the NFT cards symbolize the sport I love and the masterpieces reflect various key components and phases in my life, including my family”.

In its first collection by INFLUXO, exclusive pieces of Ronaldinho are being featured. One can visit the INFLUXO ( website to find more information about the NFT sports card collection and the masterpiece auction. In elaborated words of the football player, “During the auction, each bidder must show proof of funds and have enough money locked in their wallet at the start of the auction in order to place a bid. Bidders must place a minimum increment bid of 10,000 USDT. At the last hour of the auction closing period, there will be an overtime period, which requires a bid to only occur when the increment price is 10% of the current price. The final and highest bidder wins the auction. Their money will be settled and all other bidders’ locked money will be returned after the auction ends.”

The sports cards and NFTs of digitally enhanced oil paintings would create a treasured collection for any soccer fan in the world. The complete series consists of six cards and an additional airdropping card. Collectors who win the bid for the complete set get a golden chance for Dubai experience or an autographed tangible by Ronaldinho.

INFLUXO is backed by a team of investors including INBlockchain, dominant in Asian blockchain, and BigONE, a global platform for digital asset trading. It caters to create opportunities to trade quality collectibles collaborated from sports and entertainment personalities.

Additionally, some interesting features of INFLUXO Marketplace are the robust payment rails, a secured bidding history and a proprietary NFT wallet. Further, the transactions are staged with Ethereum and RumSystem blockchain.

Creation of NFT collection

INFLUXO’s tech-driven creative studio utilizes its outstanding production designers to create complete digital asset solutions for star athletes and entertainers. It, then, creates a bridge between them and their fans by building up a Marketplace to auction the customized collectables to be sold live.

In other words, it is the link between the virtual and the real world, where release of a virtual NFT, and officially licensed tangible collectables and experiences of the personalities are made exclusively available for the devoted supporters.

“INFLUXO is breaking the mold as far as NFT platforms by making the process from creation to auction easier than ever before with unprecedented opportunities to own virtual collectibles that lead to real world experiences,” said Daniel Liu, partner at INBlockchain and CEO of INFLUXO.

He further adds that their unique platform managed by an unmatched team of investors and developers and a seamless user experience were the prime factors to secure Ronaldinho for its first collection. He is confident of a successful future of the world of NFT Marketplace.

Interview Daniel Liu – Co-Founder of NFT Creative Studio INFLUXO:

The NFT impact

Pointing out to the future of the NFT, Ronaldinho stated that NFTs do present a huge opportunity for sports teams. He said, “Just like my off-pitch career, I believe that NFTs, tokens, etc. are still at an early development stage and they will not only grow, but also include new features and applications in the future.” According to him, NFTs are demonstrated to stay to become an integral element in the collector’s industry.

Ronaldinho recalls that it was his greatest badge of honour to collect playing cards of his favourite players during his growing up years. These sentiments prompted him to enter the world of NFT. INFLUXO’s NFT Marketplace defines new boundaries and wedges for the sports, entertainment and the technological world. The platform’s multinational appearance also makes it widely reachable to his fans across the globe.