Five Ways to Make Digital Payments

Money is no longer fundamentally tangible. Cash is no longer king. Cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity. International payments are more common. Making payments and receiving money digitally is now normal. Companies are doing business with others around the world. They are advertising in other countries. They are sending money to employees for travel expenses. Whatever the transaction, there are now a variety of ways to send and receive money online. Below are five methods to make digital payments.

Virtual Cards

First, one way to make a digital payment in person or over the internet is through virtual cards. These are cards on your phone that allow you to pay at stores, send money to individuals, and make online payments. They are often better protected than your physical cards. You can even receive more money back on purchases. You can send funds to your virtual cards. Pay bills with these cards or simply buy a coffee. Virtual cards come in handy whether you forget your wallet or simply want to pay for something instantly.

Online Transfers

Another convenient way to pay someone is through an online bank transfer. With just an app, you can instantly send money to a business or individual. Whether you are paying someone for a service or are sending some money for the bill at dinner, there are plenty of ways to transfer money directly to a bank account. Depending on your bank, you can deposit money straight into the account or the person will simply have to wait a business day or two. The number of ways to send transfers has expanded. No longer do you have to wonder how to send the money or go into the bank to do it.

Through Cryptocurrency

As cryptocurrencies become more popular, they are also being accepted more frequently. You can pay with cryptocurrency at a range of businesses or use it to invest in some stock. There are Bitcoin ATMs that even allow you to take out cash. Cryptocurrency is encrypted digital currency, allowing you to send or receive funds from anyone at any time. These currencies are unbound by government regulation or bank rules. With just an app on your phone or a computer, you can buy, sell, and convert cryptocurrencies. It is, many people say, the way to make payments in the future.

Private Payment Platforms

Private online payment platforms are another way to digitally send and receive money. These services can be used for any business transaction while protecting the funds and allowing businesses to send money to each other. There are also personal platforms that are designed to enable you to send money to family and friends, but the financial technology (fintech) sector is expanding beyond that. Private payment companies often offer more benefits and banking solutions than even the banks do. They are a great method for anyone looking to do consistent business with other companies around the world or simply want to access extra benefits.

Automate Bill Payments

The time when you needed to remember your bill due dates, write checks, and send them out is over. Now companies can automate payments as they change and automatically deposit the money. You can schedule monthly payments on a credit card and build your score. You can take out the money routinely from your checking account. You can look at the breakdown of payments and services. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a business, either. It’s never been easier to pay the bills.

Digital payments are still new, but they have taken the world by storm. Gone are the days when we wrote checks for bills and paid for purchases in cash. You can now send money to anybody, anywhere, at any time, and in any currency. Cryptocurrency has revealed that there is no real standard to our financial system and that the arbitrary nature of our markets is fabricated.

Now that we have the power and agency to send and receive money from anywhere, the economy is going to shift. Underdeveloped economies will grow with more resources. Money will change hands more quickly. You can go from no one to a hotshot instantly. Whatever you are doing and whoever you are, digital payments should be taken advantage of.