Coinsilium Announces New Advisory Client- TrustedHealth

Coinsilium Announces New Advisory Client- TrustedHealth

05.04.2018 Coinsilium Group Limited (NEX:COIN), the blockchain venture builder, advisor and investor that finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology companies, is pleased to announce its engagement with Gibraltar registered TDH Limited (‘TrustedHealth’) to provide advisory services in relation to their Token Generation Event (‘TGE’).

The TrustedHealth platform aims to create a decentralised global network of doctors, specialists and other healthcare service providers, connecting patients around the world with the right expertise and services for their specific condition. Patients will engage via virtual consultations and payments will be executed in TDH tokens (‘TDH Tokens’) operating on the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain technology provides the added benefit of secure data storage and data standardisation which is an ongoing concern for healthcare providers.

The public crowdsale of TDH Tokens is currently live, having begun on March 27th and is due to end on April 27th 2018.

Coinsilium will provide TrustedHealth with strategic advice and access to its network in the blockchain community. CEO Eddy Travia will represent Coinsilium on the advisory team of TrustedHealth.

Coinsilium and TrustedHealth are aligned in their belief that medical consultations will change dramatically in the coming years, with global connectivity and ubiquitous communication devices allowing patients and doctors to engage with greater ease and convenience.

Eddy Travia commented: “Healthcare is an area which is already advancing rapidly through global connectivity and communication devices, and the addition of cryptocurrency payments and blockchain infrastructure further strengthens the use case for access to medical experts across the globe via virtual consultations. Greg Jarzabek, the passionate Founder and CEO of TrustedHealth, is building on his experience as Founder of Trustedoctor to lead the development of a broader ecosystem focused on solving the current challenges and limitations of specialised medicine.”

Greg Jarzabek, Founder and CEO of TrustedHealth commented: “TrustedHealth, focusing on life-threatening or rare diseases, aims to completely digitise the patient healthcare process using blockchain technology. The objective is to ensure patients receive pertinent information for their condition by linking them directly to specialists and other healthcare service providers matching their specific needs. This will enable virtual conversations and knowledge sharing while simultaneously gathering big data to be used to further research into specific conditions.”

TrustedHealth is a patient and doctor-centric health ecosystem in specialised medicine, engineered on blockchain technology. Specialist doctors, patients and other healthcare service providers around the world are able to connect for consultations and earn TDH tokens.”

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