Better Technology Means More Efficient Remote Work


Let’s face it: remote work is here to stay. With the recent announcement from Google that they will continue to provide remote work opportunities, they and other companies are embracing this new work environment. Businesses that don’t offer this opportunity will eventually be left in the dust. While there are some people who thrive in face-to-face interactions at the office, others are finding that remote work is making their productivity soar.

One of the challenges is that today’s tools were not designed for a remote-only workspace. They were meant to complement an in-person workplace that also offered the occasional work-from-home opportunity. But technology is again paving the way for all this to change. Innovations in technology are critical if people want to thrive while they work from home — or wherever they are.

They need a virtual work space that’s more than an internal chat app and a few online databases that everyone can upload to. People need technology designed for remote work. What does that look like? It looks like a way to create impromptu meetings. Technology that supports remote work should run smoothly, even at the worst internet speeds. It should also make it simple to strategize and execute work solo and together.

Better Technology Means Fewer Interruptions

One of the downfalls of an in-person workspace has always been the possibility of an interruption. You’re right in the thick of things, getting projects done, and then someone knocks on your door. The letdown at that moment can be easily felt. You are out of the groove, and now you can’t get back into it. Better technology, however, gives you space to block people out for non-urgent meetings.

No one can message you, and your emails can be turned off so you can complete your tasks without interruption. Better technology can also help people get answers to their biggest questions without bothering you. If they want to know how much you’ve completed on a project, more robust project management tools can give them the answers they need without you getting interrupted.

Better Technology Offers Better Connections

While remote work inherently takes you away from people, it doesn’t mean you have to be completely disconnected. You can still do all the same things you would do in an office. but through the aid of technology. For instance, great technology means you can enter meetings on the fly and with ease. It means you can reach out to a co-worker for a question about a project. It means you can go to a private workspace to work through ideas and details. It may not look like the whiteboard you’re used to, but great technology, such as Hughesnet internet plans, offers all the things needed to work remotely.

Better Technology Offers Faster Speeds

There was a period of time that whenever the office needed to get updated internet, it would cost them a small fortune to install the equipment at everyone’s desks. With high-speed internet in homes, however, many of the issues with throttling in a high traffic workplace are now removed.

Additionally, 5G internet and satellite internet are becoming more prevalent, and it’s only a matter of time before those speeds and reliability surpass the speeds available on wired networks. Businesses can offer stipends for computer equipment that will cost them less to maintain, but also provide the speeds that employees need to do their jobs.

Better Technology is More Intuitive and Streamlined

There is nothing worse when you’re trying to work quickly than needing to switch between clunky programs. And then when you use those programs, finding what you need becomes a multistep process that never seems to make any sense. Improvements in technology, such as the advanced technology offered by Graphon, can be a valuable solution for organizations seeking to streamline their IT infrastructure and improve application deployment and management processes.

Instead of saving documents in multiple locations, it’s easier than ever before to create one centralized database that other apps can draw from. You don’t need to copy and paste documents all over the place and wonder if you’re using the most recent copy. Additionally, the software now makes it possible to create smart updates that notify all the necessary stakeholders when changes are made.

Better technology means that all the work that needs to get done can be completed remotely with ease. This means more efficient remote work. Yes, businesses of today will need to develop their own strategies for remote work. It can be an affordable business option, though — not only for the employer, but also for the employee. In turn, this model will empower staff and create a robust system for getting work done.