7 Ways to Promote Team Collaboration in Your Workplace

7 Ways to Promote Team Collaboration in Your Workplace

Any successful business owner will tell you that having the right team is one of the keys to success in entrepreneurship. Well, according to one research done by Salesforce with a study group of 1400 educators, employees, and executives, 86% suggested that lack of team collaboration is one factor contributing to failure in the workplace. This is just one study that shows you why team collaboration is essential for success in the workplace. That said, do you know how to promote team collaboration in your own workplace? Well, we have some answers to that. We will give you a few tips on how you can scale up team collaboration in your workplace. 

Remind Your Employee Of The Company’s Mission Over And Over Again

A mission defines the purpose of existence and makes it easier for everyone to understand the goals that a company is committed to accomplishing. Well, remind your employee about your company’s mission to encourage team collaboration as they all work towards the same goal. It also gives them a reason to show up every day, get passionate about their work, and stay focused towards achieving the common goal. Moreover, you must set your expectation for collaboration straightforward during the onboarding process. Let your employee’s job description include their collaborative roles besides the individual roles. This will enhance a collaborative culture in your workplace.

Make The Goals Of Your Team Clear

As an employer, you have to define each of your employees’ goals and communicate them. Making the goals clear will increase your company’s productivity as everyone is aware of what they are supposed to do at both individual and collective levels. Remind the employees of these goals every so often. For instance, you can hold daily morning meetings, communicate your team’s purposes, and even better, allow your team to define their goals. This will ensure that the whole of your team work constantly towards something specific to achieve a common goal.

Recognize And Encourage The Use Of Individual Strengths

As per a recent Office Team study, 66% of employees quit their job due to unappreciation. One way to make your employees feel appreciated is by recognizing their strengths. If you fail to do so, they will start looking elsewhere where their strength is utilized and their value recognized. Moreover, ensure that you build each team member’s strengths and emphasize that they use the strength in the collaborative environment.

Invest In Good Collaboration Tools

You will also need to invest in good collaboration tools to enable your employees to work as a team regardless of their physical space. The good thing is with the evolving tech; several online collaboration tools are springing up to help businesses and teams work better. You need to tap into collaboration tools that will help increase productivity and save you more in costs!

For example, ensure that your employees can access and share documents without wasting time looking for the documents, plus you have to keep security in mind. Center stack is a good example of the corporate secure file sharing solution for you to guarantee data governance and privacy in a collaborative model. You should also invest in other tools that will help improve other aspects of collaboration, including communication tools (Zoom, Slack, Outlook, Webex, etc.), project management tools (Asana, Dapulse, Trello, etc.), and much more. They can help save you a lot in cost. It will also improve teamwork in the office and even in a remote-work model. 

Create An Honest And Open Communication Environment

Creating an honest and open communication environment also enhances team collaboration. Think of it this way, if your employees are open and truthful, then it makes it easy for them to share ideas, knowledge, insight, and constructive feedback. Also, with open communication, every member feels like part of the whole team as they can be heard with no judgment.

Rewarding successful teamwork encourages every member of your team to participate in the collaboration. So, as you recognize individual efforts in your appraisal metrics, include team collaboration too.

Encourage Out Of Office Activities

Encouraging out of office activities will help your employees build on solid relationships. All work and no play will make your team dull! Once in a while, let your employees engage in team-building activities like trips or lunch. The relationship that your employees develop outside work will help them collaborate easily at work. 

Final Word

In a nutshell, collaborative workplaces are more productive for your business. It is your role as an employer to encourage teamwork and foster collaboration in your workplace. Use the right strategies and invest the resources to build a great team.  

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