How to Prepare for a Career as a Medical Office Assistant

There is an emerging market for job growth that has continued to see growth through the years, and is projected to continue down that path. Of course, we’re talking about the health and medical industry. People are always going to have medical needs and emergencies, so it makes sense that we are seeing such growth in those areas. Situations like the recent COVID-19 pandemic only show that the need for healthcare and healthcare workers will continue to be helpful towards the advancement of society as a whole.

For some, getting hands on in the medical industry isn’t always the best route, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a job in the industry. You just have to get creative and think more operational than functional when it comes to getting involved. Maybe a job like a Medical Office Assistant could be how you get involved in the growing medical industry.

Let’s take a look at what it takes to get a job in the medical industry as an Office assistant. We’ll cover what you need to learn, the certificates you need, and more.

Step 1 – Get a Degree

There are lots of schools and programs that will be able to help you obtain the education your need to be a successful medical office assistant. In general, it takes about 62 credits to complete your degree. There are even options for online medical office assistant training if that suits you better.

During this time you will focus on 3 core topics of the job at hand. Those 3 focuses are Computer Skills, Communication Skills, and Medical Terminology.

Computer Skills

Computer skills are an essential part of a medical office assistant’s job. Being able to understand basic computer functions, and maintain spreadsheets, adapt to form systems and internal technologies. It might sound silly, but the computer skills are essential to your day to day at the medical office. They are used for everything from scheduling patient appointments to transferring precious medical files to patients, and even checking medical insurance. That means it’s super important to feel fluent with the basic functions of the computer.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are another major key to success as a medical office admin assistant. You are a direct line of communication between the patients, co-workers, and medical staff, so how you communicate is a major key to work success at your new job. This is exactly why communication is a main focus of your education for the job.

Medical Terminology

There are quite a few medical terms you will need to know while working as a Medical Office Admin Assistant, so that is a major portion of your education. From medical terms to insurance and billing terminology, you will be ready to read and understand.

Step 2 – Pass the Exam

When your education is complete you will have to pass a test before you can apply for jobs. By passing the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant test, you are certifying that you are ready to jump and get the job done in the office of any healthcare facility. Make sure the school you apply to helps you pass the exam. You don’t want to go in unprepared, and knowing the information without test preparation sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Step 3 – Find a Job

Now that you have the degree and have passed the certification exam, it’s time to hunt for a job. Luckily, the job market for medical office admin assistants is on the rise, and is only projected to grow in the future. As a matter of fact, the profession as a whole is expected to grow 19% through 2029, and that’s way above average for job growth right now.

There is a lasting career waiting for you in the healthcare field

Look, the job market is coming back, but it’s still being affected by the pandemic, but jobs in the healthcare industry are growing. Not only are they growing, they are projected to keep growing, so it’s a field that will ultimately provide a lot of job opportunities through high demand. If you are looking for a new career path, something that has a bright future ahead of itself is always a great place to look.