Closing the Gender Pay & Wealth Gap: Shot Caller Podcast Launches Financial Confidence Courses

Closing the Gender Pay & Wealth Gap: Shot Caller Podcast Launches Financial Confidence Courses

Shannon Sagawe, Podcast Host, veteran private banker and venture capital fundraiser, will host a series of financial confidence courses to build financial and investment confidence. She is teaching furloughed employees and women in the UK, US & Europe to be finance and investing confident.

The Shot Caller Podcast has launched a series of Online Courses to help build financial & investing confidence for women, teenagers, young adults and anyone else who needs extra financial confidence.

“There are statistics that say that women abdicate their long term investment plans to men. That is because of our cultural background and the way education is provided. I want to address that, I want women to control their financial world and be independent in their financial decisions. Good investment decisions can make a huge difference in wealth of a person. And this is problematic because despite what we can guess, millennial women are actually worse than other generations in giving up their financial long term plans,” said Shot Caller founder Shannon Sagawe.

The online courses are about to advocate for living a wealthy life NOT a rich one. That is why they aim at teaching people how to do this. In addition to the “pay gap,” women expect to live longer than their spouse (68% of women surveyed), they are more likely to have worked part-time and taken career breaks for children, leaving less accumulated in their pensions/retirement accounts. Finally, many studies show that when women are NOT confident about investing, they tend to be extra conservative with their money. This leads to lower returns over their life. When women do get involved in their long-term financial planning, they tend to stick to a disciplined plan, emphasize sustainability and enjoy the strong long-term performance and thus increase their wealth!

Attitudes of Men and women regarding money

“Helping people, especially women, learn the tactics of investing is the easy part. Helping them get over their fear of investing and the human behavior that resides behind it is the harder part. We therefore also address the “mind” science behind helping people make critical, positive changes that will lead them to a WEALTHY life,” said Shannon Sagawe.

Shannon Sagawe is a veteran private banker with a passion for innovation and innovators across all sectors. She made it her mission to help clients achieve their true goals, including those that are non-financially related. Shannon Sagawe married her deep knowledge of private banking with a passion for working with successful entrepreneurs; helping them manage, grow and preserve the wealth they have worked so hard to create. She is the hostess of the podcast “Shot Caller” hoping that her voice and fortunate status as an educated woman can help lift up those who come after and are all around her.

In a recent interview conducted by Dinis Guarda for citiesabc, Shannon said about gender leadership and opportunities: “In America, as a woman I feel you have a better chance to become important and to grow as a woman than in other parts of the world. It doesn’t really matter if you are a woman, a man or your cultural background because they are very business oriented and all statistics show that the more diversity and more equally a company is, the better they perform. In the UK, it is similar as it is in America. Women are still a minority in the financial industry, especially at the top layers of management.”