Top Five Trending Ph.D. Degrees of 2020

Doing a doctoral degree will surely help you in your future career. People owning a Ph.D. are more often perceived as an authoritative figure in a particular field, and therefore have no problems finding a job.

Some of the most prestigious universities in the world offer great Ph.D. programs for their students. They come in flexible time schedules and approachable formats. For instance, if you already work, but still want to learn academically, you could take the doctoral-level courses in person, partly online, or entirely remotely.

If you are sure you want to make a Ph.D. diploma but have doubts about the top fields, here is a list of five most commonly chosen courses with the online possibilities in 2020.

Ph.D. in Teaching

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a nationally recognized institution that has met its students’ educational needs for over half a century.

The two main Ph.D. programs that Nebraska’s University is known for include Educational Leadership & Higher Education and School Leadership courses. People enrolled in these programs undergo thorough training to take the highest positions of responsibility in all school systems, starting from elementary schools to college-level institutions. Students learn from experienced administrators, curriculum specialists, and college administrators.

The university offers a wide range of pathways in online Ph.D. education. That degree programs also come with different specializations options if you are interested in some particular subjects.


Ph.D. in Computer Science

The possibility of working in cutting-edge computer science research in artificial intelligence, data science, quantum computing, cryptography, programming languages, and robotics is what makes the Ph.D. in computer science so popular among young people.

Many people choose this particular field due to money-related reasons. The estimated yearly salary for someone owning a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science is $189,780. Moreover, the industry’s 16% projected job growth rate is what allures doctoral degree associates.

Almost all significant universities inside and outside the USA offer a Ph.D. in computer science nowadays. Students often choose the institution that is best rated in their area, or that their future dream company values the most.


Ph.D. in Nursing

One of the most commonly chosen fields to do the Ph.D. in is nursing.

Nursing as a field has continued to grow and expand significantly over the past century. The two highest-paid types of nurses are nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists. People who decide on doing Ph.D. ‘s in nursing come from either of these areas and significantly contribute to research and improvements in their fields.

Nursing Phd. D. holders work in the USA’s top universities and other medical field institutions as nurse educators.


Ph.D. in Statistics

Statisticians can work in an incredibly broad range of fields. As a statistician, people work academia developing new mathematical theories and conducting research, but also they can be found in the finance, banking, and accountant sector. The variety of possibilities statistics offers why many people decide to do their Ph—D. in this field of study.

Moreover, the projected job growth rate for statisticians in 2020 is 30%. If you choose to do a Ph.D. in statistics, most likely, you won’t have problems finding a great job in your field.


Ph.D. in Psychology

It is the psychology’s diversity that allures so many Ph.D. associates each year. Psychology covers clinical psychology, developmental psychology, forensic psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, rehabilitation psychology, and school psychology.

Depending on their personality, preferences, and abilities, people graduating a Ph.D. in psychology choose to either stay in academia and teach, work with children, or help big enterprises become more human-friendly inside and outside.



Deciding on finishing the doctoral degree studies is a great dedication that should help you in your future career. Regardless of what field you choose to educate yourself in, people owning a Ph. D. degree is believed to be specialists in their area and has no problems finding a job.

Many people owning a Phd. degree stay at academia to teach and spread the knowledge. However, that is not the only path you could choose. If you do a Ph.D. in statistics, you could become a banker. If you take a Ph.D. course in psychology, you could work with children. Achieving a Ph.D. in computer science will let you work with the cutting edge technology.

On top of that, doing a Ph.D. will help you grow and develop personally.