Why MBA Students Should Start a Blog to Help with Career Development

Why MBA Students Should Start a Blog to Help with Career DevelopmentIf you are currently studying for or are thinking about starting an MBA course, then starting a blog might be something that you have been recommended or considered. A blog can be somewhere to document your experiences, provide tips and advice to other MBA students based on your personal experiences, or a way to make money while you are studying and build a strong content marketing portfolio that can help you stand out further when you are applying for future jobs. No matter your personal reason, there are many benefits to starting a blog while getting your MBA. It can help you get your name out there as a business professional and be a great way to build your professional network, while getting information and growing your expertise in your industry. Some of the best reasons to start a blog while getting an MBA include:

Widen Your Professional Network

Starting a blog can be an idea way to get yourself out there in the business community. It can give you the chance to connect with people that you may never have gotten the chance to get to know previously. When blogging, you’re not just going to be posting your latest updates to your site, but you can also share them on social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, which can give you the chance to start conversations and discussions. When you blog about the things that you are interested in and passionate about while you get your MBA online from Aston University, you will find that people will want to engage with you because they have the same interests – this can be a simple yet effective way to make valuable connections. 

Improve Content Marketing Knowledge

Whether or not you are interested in becoming a content marketer after getting your MBA, content has always been king and if you want to work in the world of business, no matter what job you’re going to be in, having a better understanding of content marketing can help you go further. Starting your own blog will provide you with an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience with content creation and content marketing. As you run and expand your blog, you can learn more about how everything works and what readers expect from you. 

Get Valuable Business Experience

Running a blog is like running a business, especially if you want to monetise your content and turn it into a stream of income for yourself while you are getting your MBA. Starting a blog and dedicating some of your time to publishing the content on your blog not only gives you the chance to become more familiar with content marketing but will also help you put what you have learned in your MBA into practice and gain valuable experience. For example, to run a successful blog, you will need to practice good target audience research, understand the different options for monetising the blog, and practice good branding, search engine optimisation, and marketing your blog to improve your readership. Many blogs are marketed on social media, which will help you get a better insight into social media management and marketing – a crucial skill to have for anybody looking to work in business marketing today. 

Earn Money

Studying for your MBA is not an easy task, and it can also be quite expensive. If you want to find a new way to earn money from home so that you can dedicate more of your time studying for your MBA and improving your business skills and knowledge, starting a blog could be an ideal choice. As long as you are willing to put in the work required to improve your blog’s readership and get more followers, there are several different worthwhile options for monetising your blog to consider. For example, you may want to consider adding affiliate links to your blog and posting review-style content to help readers choose which products to buy and give them the option to make the purchase through your blog. As an MBA student, another great way to make money from your blog might involve publishing an eBook or short course that you can sell to anybody who is interested in learning more about business from somebody who is studying at this level.

Demonstrate Your Knowledge

If you are considering an MBA to better position yourself as an expert in your industry, then starting a blog can help. If your main goal for after graduating with your MBA is to become a business consultant or set up your own business offering training and mentorship to business owners or business professionals who can benefit from your expertise and advice, then starting a blog now can be the best way to start growing your personal brand. As you fill your blog with content, you will be able to start something that is a key part of your personal brand in the future, and it can be interesting for anybody who is interested in learning more about your journey and wants to see how much you know. 

Document Your Journey

Finally, your blog can also be used as a way to journal and reflect on your progress when you are studying for an MBA. Writing things down and publishing them online can not only be cathartic for you, but it can also be a good way to share these experiences with others and help them feel less alone. Documenting your journey as an MBA student can seriously help your personal development by giving you the opportunity to look back over your past posts and see how far you have come over time, which can be an ideal way to motivate yourself and get that drive back if you begin to feel demotivated or overwhelmed. It can be an ideal way to prove to yourself how hard you have worked so far and remind yourself of how far you have come in those moments where you might need it. 

If you are getting an MBA or considering getting this business degree, starting a blog can be a great opportunity for further professional and personal development.