What is Hedgeopolis?

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The Complicated Structure of the Financial Market

After years of evolution and development, the investment industry today has become highly advanced in nature. No longer does an investor only trade in the simplest stocks and bonds. When you think of investing in financial securities and tools that yield profits after their maturity, you will be confronted with a choice between array of investment vehicles.

All these vehicles have their own market, characteristics, behavior patterns and positives and negatives that will help you decide whether to include each in a well-balanced portfolio. Similarly, the different ways in which these securities can be traded, held, matured and made use of need to be understood by even the most amateur of traders.

The point being, that the investment and finance industry has become a complicated one- with countless tools and jargons of its own. While students graduating from highly esteemed colleges and universities are given high quality education regarding investment and the way to approach this industry, there is nothing like hands on experience in a market that is full of professionals and is ruled by cut throat competition.

From the perspective of institutions like Hedge Funds, hiring the most skilled recruits is a top priority. Those who know out-of-the-book knowledge about the market and its ins and outs are considered ideal recruits for companies that deal with financial services day in and day out. With this need in mind, there are many conferences and workshops that are arranged to help people gain knowledge and advice from experts and professionals in the investment industry.


Organized by many partners, including the Hedge Fund Association, the Hedgeopolis is a multi-day event that gathers some of the most experienced and successful Hedge Fund owners and managers. Hedge Fund Association, itself, is a global nonprofit organization working for transparency, development and fostering trust in the market for alternative investments.

With offices all across the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia, HFA works on behalf of the Global Hedge Fund industry. Close to 9500 Hedge Funds and many other financial service providers are under the HFA umbrella. Another prominent partner is Agecroft, a well-known hedge fund consulting and marketing company that has won several awards for its services.

The professionals at Agecroft analyze the trends prevalent in the Hedge Funds market and give the needed recommendations for businesses to invest or divest. Moreover, the same is also an active participant in various other investment conferences worldwide. Therefore, Hedgeopolis is a well-rounded event that has representation from all sectors involved in the investment industry.

The highlight of Hedgeopolis is the conferences, speakers and networking sessions. Professionals and highly learned individuals representing institutional investing companies come forth to share experiences and give insights into the trade. Important issues and trends are also discussed to give attendees a comprehensive view of the investment industry. These issues are of utmost importance when it comes to training young and upcoming financial analysts, because learning from the cream of an industry is truly a privilege that should be made use of.

Topics like the ‘Importance of Hedge Fund Analysis’ and ‘The tools to be used in Hedge Fund Analysis’ form the basis of entering the investment market. While they can be learnt in a classroom, their implementation is what makes this knowledge worth seeking.

Moreover, a lot of time is assigned for networking sessions to help new entrants mingle with experts, ask questions and also, unearth potential career opportunities. To provide a relaxed environment for the discussions, lunch, breakfast and cocktail sessions are also arranged for all those who come to Hedgeopolis.

This year, the event has been organized in New York, in November 2014, with 600 professional in attendance. A long list of institutional investors sign up with Hedopolis to become a part of this educational conference and training event. Some prominent names at the Hedgeopolis in New York include AIG, Barclays, Hedge Mark International and Magnum Funds. Educational institutes like the University of Richmond and University of Maryland are also part of the event to provide an educational perspective for the industry.

Hence attending Hedgeopolis is a good opportunity to learn what this market is all about.