What Does SEO Have to Do with Sales?

Whatever business you might be running, it’s important to understand the climate in which your company is operating. With each new year, e-commerce is becoming a more and more dominant way of shopping. Experts say that online selling and purchasing will account for nearly 5 billion of global sales by the year 2021 and that is a clear indication of where the market is heading.PC

To be a successful entrepreneur or company leader, you need to make sure you have a strong position in the digital world. Not only do you need to have an online presence, but you also need to understand the way the internet works. That’s why it’s vital to hire prominent SEO consulting company that will increase your visibility as well as your sales.

Let’s dive deeper into this subject and explain why having a good SEO strategy is an absolute must in the world of business today.    

What is SEO?

In case you have been encountering this term a lot but you don’t know what it means exactly, let’s get you informed. First of all, you need to know that SEO or Search Engine Optimization basically encompasses the changes you need to implement to your website (content, design, etc.) for it to appear on the search engines such as Google or Bing.

The better you are at this; the better position you’ll have. As a consequence, your company will gain greater visibility and you will be able to generate organic (unpaid) traffic on your site. It’s a well-known fact that the majority of people when looking for something online rarely go past the first page. That’s why your ranking is so important.

However, getting to that place is not very easy. Competition is tough and there are many things to take into consideration if you want search engines to recognize your website as valuable and user-friendly. This procedure is called crawling. The goal is to present users with relevant and useful results for their inquiries.

By implementing a good SEO strategy, like what SERP Co does, your website will be more easily identified as something that provides users with what they need. For example, ranking higher to provide audiences with high quality prescription sunglasses is possible if proper strategy is implemented. If you do it the way it should be done, you will not have to pay a dime to have traffic and it will make your products and services more noticeable to possible customers.        

Now, let’s see what are the key aspects of a good SEO approach.

Building a Strong Content

It’s all about building a strong relationship with the people who might need your services. In a world where the internet plays such an important part of our lives, you need to connect with others in the online world if you want to get noticed. How?

Well, you need to concentrate to provide anyone who is looking for services and products that are similar to yours. When they type the words into a search field, you want your site to be among the first ones to pop out. For that to happen you need to create the content that will provide them with answers to all the questions they might have. If you succeed in making it engaging, relevant, and authoritative, the (in)famous first page of a search engine will be yours.

There are different types of content and to boost your online position, you need to cover as many of them as possible. Aside from blogs, focus on video as they can increase the results for as much as 50 times but don’t forget about podcasts, guest blog posts, how-to guides, etc.

Why are Keywords Important?

Keywords are a crucial part of the SEO equation. After all, without them, the search engine users will never be able to find what they are looking for. That’s why they are always going to be an important part of any optimization strategy that an affordable local SEO service starts with.

However, you need to look at the bigger picture. You need to include in your content all possible words and phrases that might be of interest to those who are looking for what you’re selling. Aside from content, those business-defining terms should be part of headings, metadata, page titles you use on your site. There are many tools out there that will help you with this type of research, Also, don’t forget about longtail keywords as they will make you more relevant during searches. Relevancy is the name of the game when it comes to SEO of this type, if you’re running a specific kind of business your SEO expert should be taking note of that. For example, you’ll want to work closely with someone who can provide SEO for life coaches if this is your line of business, this way they can best provide keywords and suggest other changes which will improve your relevancy factor for search engines to see.

Use Backlinks

To complete and thrive online, you also need to know how to use backlinks. As stated by the experts at SEOJet, to make a site that is SEO-strong you need to perfect your link building process. Thankfully, there are many software tools that can help you with this procedure but you still need to understand the basics.

The process of link building has an important place in the creation of a strong SEO strategy. The essence is to acquire links from other webpages and add them to your own. This way the user will be able to navigate from one online destination to the next. As such, not only do they add to the authority of your website but they will also increase the traffic.


The size of your backlink portfolio is connected to the performance of your website. However, to create a portfolio of that magnitude is a tiring and consuming process. Still, there are ways to make it a bit easier. You can list your website in local online directories with a link to your business. Leave comments on the blogs of authoritative websites and of course, make sure your link.

Guest blogging is another way and although more time-consuming, it also is one of the best methods to ensure high-quality backlinks. Research for the top sites in your industry and find out which one of them is accepting posts of this kind. Then you will have to ensure what you submit is meeting their guidelines. There are enough places that will be okay with this type of post as long as they get first-class content.

 If you want to draw more clients to your website, a powerful SEO strategy is absolutely essential. Positioning your company on the first page of search engines will provide you with greater traffic and a rise in sales.