The Ultimate Green-Living Trends in 2020

The Ultimate Green-Living Trends in 2020

Thinking about the future, we imagine using hi-tech solutions for our daily chores. With the advancements in technology, it might be possible. But will we live long enough to witness the future in its prime?

Polar ice caps are melting, temperatures are increasing and so are the sea levels. The hazardous impacts of global warming become more prominent by the day.

If people don’t come together and adopt a greener lifestyle urgently, it may mark the end of mankind. To stop this, people are switching to green-living to reduce their carbon footprint.

With that said, here are five popular green-living trends to follow in 2020 (and years to come).

Tiny houses

Remember when everyone wanted to own a mansion?

Thanks to green-living, people are opting for smaller homes. Besides reducing the carbon footprint, they come with many modernizations.

If reports are to be believed, we see more cities take green action than before – and that includes building tiny houses – great to go green and ensures everyone has a place to live.

People are transforming new homes and existing houses to up the sustainability factor. Tiny living can help people minimize costs and lead a greener lifestyle.

Sustainable eating and farming

Did you know your choice of food greatly affects the environment?

Many people are jumping onto the organic food bandwagon. There are two reasons why you must switch to the organic way of life too, they are:

· Organic food items are free from any harmful substances.

· Organic products are eco-friendly.

Agriculture produced 582 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2017 alone. Organic farming is a bid to reduce harmful emissions and minimize environmental risks.

Restaurants around the world are offering sustainable seafood along with fresh produce. They are using more locally grown and bred ingredients and working on ways to reduce wastage. Sustainability in eating is the new hit, so check whether the restaurant you visit next does the same.

Minimizing plastic waste

Plastic waste is one of the biggest contributors to the planet’s deteriorating conditions. Experts reveal that around 8 million metric tons of plastic finds its way into the oceans each year!

This is especially harmful to aquatic life and other animals.

What’s more is that most plastic products are not biodegradable or recyclable. For this reason, many countries are addressing this matter with seriousness. Citizens are opting for refillable water bottles and steering clear of single-use plastic.

Renewable energy

With advancements in technology, renewable sources of energy are more accessible than ever. People are installing solar panels on their rooftops to cut costs and be responsible.

The recent tariff cuts and incentive reductions haven’t affected this trend at all.

Eco-friendly weddings

Since last year, there is a massive change in the conception of happily ever afters. More couples are going the eco-friendly way for their weddings. They are ditching paper invites, plastic cutlery, and decorations for a sustainable approach. Weddings are expensive, but if you go green, they are easy on both your pocket and the environment.

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