Top Hedge Fund Software Products Part 1


Alternative investments are gaining popularity and institutional investors are dominating the market. Hedge Fund managers have to take care of many new regulations and this has made managing the funds more difficult for them. The pressure on hedge fund managers is increasing because they have to report to both investors and regulators. They want software solutions that can help them. Fortunately, there are many software solutions could help in managing the workload in a better way. Some of the benefits of using hedge fund software include:

  • Easily track the activities of the investors
  • Streamline reporting
  • Easy document processing
  • Better communication and stronger relations between managers and investors

For accounting purposes, Hedge fund software gives access to:

  • Fully integrated general ledgers, capable of handling multiple currencies
  • Complex ownership structures
  • Configurable fee management with accruals.

You can also reconcile with the other party on cash, trading and position. Managers can also easily manage income and expense allocations. Reporting Document management, electronic delivery of client statements and client performance reporting for securities, hedge funds and portfolio are all in accessible to hedge fund managers from a single integrated solution. Managers can easily report to investors and regulators easily and prepare financial statements. Hedge fund software reduces the load on hedge fund manager by making reporting very simple and easy for them.

Managing Investments

Hedge funds software also assists hedge fund managers in keeping an eye on day-to-day transactions, performance and position. Another quality of hedge fund software is that you can manage other asset classes such as securities and alternative investments. These hedge funds software is sync with banks and all the popular brokers and custodians by default so you can keep an eye on the market situations. Research has also shown that hedge funds with a better IT infrastructure in place can deal with different situations in a far better way than those who lack the infrastructure. Whether it is dealing with risks, sustaining market pressure and managing compliance and regulations, using the technology will only benefit hedge funds in progressing towards growth and success. Choosing a technology partner can also be fruitful in attracting institutions. Hedge funds are looking for a scalable solution that give them full control and help them make the right decisions at the right time.

Hedge Funds Software Products

Here is the list of some of the best hedge fund software products.

  1. Penny
  2. FC Partner
  3. Alternative Soft
  4. Smonike Suite
  5. Apama
  6. Advent Software
  7. Backstop
  8. Hedge Guard
  9. PFS Paxus
  10. Hedge Fund Solution


If you are looking for a hedge fund accounting software solution to get over complex accounting problems, go for Penny. Tackling investor fees, hurdles, feeders, G/L, A/P, taxes and more cannot be done with spreadsheet software. You need specialized software for that sort of stuff and Penny is specialized software. Accountants build Penny by looking at the needs of hedge fund account in minds. There is no better accounting software for hedge funds than Penny.

FC Partner Fund Count

FC partner or fund is a complete software package tailor made for hedge fund administrators and hedge fund managers. A single integrated solution for accounting, portfolio management, investment partnership, client reporting and more. It is packed with easy to use features. Workflow management and speed are other stand out features of this software. Increase the productivity with this excellent hedge funds software.