Tackling Corporate Wellness – Sunny Gurpreet Singh in Conversation with Thomas Power on ClubHouse

On Wednesday, June 2 at 10 am PST, leading social media author and influencer Thomas Power will interview Sunny Gurpreet Singh, founder of RoundGlass and the visionary behind the W-holistic Wellbeing (whole + holistic wellbeing) concept and a Corporate Wellness leader. The event will be live streamed on ClubHouse Special.

Sunny Gurpreet Singh interview

Leading author and social media influencer Thomas Power will host and interview Sunny Gurpreet Singh the founder of RoundGlass and Edifecs on Clubhouse Special next Wednesday the 2d May 10am Pacific 18h00 BST on a special session.

The interview will profile Sunny Gurpreet Singh a serial entrepreneur and a corporate wellness leader. Sunny Gurpreet Singh is the founder of RoundGlass, a wellbeing and wellness platform, app and community that is fast growing.

Sunny Gurpreet Singh has made wellness and wellbeing his life career. Corporate Wellness is a concept that has been around for some time now and it refers to activities and educational tools offered to employees on-site to help them with stress management, nutrition. Something that Sunny Gurpreet Singh and RoundGlass is aiming to achieve.

Sunny Gurpreet Singh Interview Focus

In the ClubHouse Special event, Thomas Power and Sunny Gurpreet Singh will discuss the growing wellness digital economy. Wellness and wellbeing are two concepts that aren’t intangible anymore and have become measurable, opening the door to a so-called new wellness digital economy, giving way to different solutions, like Wellbeing-as-a-Service (WaaS) and WellTech. This thriving wellness digital economy is worth $2.2 billion in investment, much of it allocated to WellTech. And this is just the beginning, the market is forecasted to be valued at $4,377.95 millions by 2027. This sector is part of the growing $4.5 Trillion Wellness business, driven by the pursuit to merge with the healthcare industry, into a whole new market.

Besides the wellness digital economy and corporate wellness, the ClubHouse interview will also focus on the following topics:

1. Childhood, background, overview, education…of Sunny Gurpreet Singh;
2. Moving from India to the USA
3. How did Sunny Gurpreet Singh build edifecs.com to become a unicorn?
6. The process of building edifecs.com, how did Sunny pivot the company from failure to a unicorn?
7. How did Sunny Gurpreet Singh discover wellbeing and wellness?
8. How Sunny built RoundGlass around the concept of “how to live”.
9. Wholistic wellness is an approach that looks at a person’s health in a holistic way. This considers their body, mind and spirit. The attention to all these three is needed to stay balanced. Sunny created the concept of “wholistic wellbeing”. Can he elaborate in a summary way?
10. Corporate Wellness is something very dear to Sunny. Can Sunny tell us about how he sees this concept?
11. Sunny is building RoundGlass in a 20 years vision and journey. Can he tell us how can we do that in actionable steps?
12. Sunny has been doing a powerful work on RoundGlass sustain and with the RoundGlass foundation in India. His social impact work has helped more than 700 villages. Can Sunny tell us about these initiatives?

In times of great stress and uncertainty,corporate wellness and wellbeing are more important than ever. Corporate wellness programs in particular have become the norm for many US and Global companies. The U.S. The Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that over 80% of companies in the US with over fifty employees offered some sort of corporate wellness benefit. Elsewhere in the world, in the UK for example, it is estimated that only 45% of companies currently offer workplace wellness schemes however this is on the rise with a recent report suggesting that the average number of annual working days per staff member lost to absenteeism or presenteeism has risen from 23 to 30 thus encouraging more companies to invest in wellness.

And Sunny Gurpreet Singh strongly believes in that: “Companies are seeking Corporate Wellness plans because health plans are falling short. Today, a company without a good health plan is at a disadvantage, in the future, the same will be true for companies without Corporate Wellbeing plans. The average person spends 90,000 hours of their life working. Does that take into account our personal wellbeing, our personal happiness? At the moment, the answer is, regrettably, no.

The interview will be live on Thomas Power’s Clubhouse TalkRoom, which currently reaches 146.000 members. ClubHouse is the new hotspot in Silicon Valley, valued at 4 billion USD and 20 million USD. You can follow the interview live on On Wednesday, June 2 at 10 am PST

About Sunny Gurpreet Singh

Sunny Gurpreet Singh is the founder of RoundGlass and Edifecs, and the visionary behind the “Wholistic Wellbeing” concept.

Sunny Gurpreet Singh is a serial entrepreneur and wellbeing and corporate wellness leader whose life’s work is focused on sustainability and creating global holistic wellness solutions for humanity. Sunny Gurpreet Singh looks at RoundGlass as his ultimate life project.

RoundGlass offers cutting edge solutions, content, an app and tech for people’s whole + holistic = Wholistic Wellbeing.

Sunny’s impressive world of social impact includes the RoundGlass Foundation in India.  The Foundation among other exceptional projects has been supporting over 700 villages in India and other exceptional work in Wellbeing, Education, Sports and Sustainability.

About Thomas Power

Thomas Power built his reputation for connecting and informing those in the corporate world over a 40 year career, spanning 60 countries and more than a dozen boards. Thomas has worked with household names such as The Apprentice’s Lord Sugar, Mental Health Pioneer, Jay Shetty, and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and global brands. Thomas it is this drive for connecting like minded individuals and sharing nuanced, unbiased information that has led to my position as a go-to for those seeking an Independent Director.

In 1998, he co-founded Ecademy alongside his wife, Penny Power OBE. Together, they built the first online social network for business leaders. Over the following 14 years, they grew a community of purposeful business experts across 52 countries and over 650,000 members. They continue to pioneer this people-first culture originally developed within Ecademy, and it remains at the heart of my own passion for sharing connections and insight with those who need it.

He  currently sits on three boards as the Independent Director, offering guidance, support and the foresight to strategise based on current and ongoing information. He offers his expertise on how people can work with or against changes in the industry and corporate environment to the benefit of the organisation.

About RoundGlass

RoundGlass offers cutting edge solutions, content, an app and tech for people’s whole + holistic = Wholistic Wellbeing. RoundGlass with its products and solutions offers everyday wellbeing, mindfulness, music and Meditation products and collectives for dealing with our times  challenges with Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Focus, Fitness, mental health and More.

RoundGlass does that through a combination of technology, world class expert-driven content by teachers and experts, and immersive collective experiences. RoundGlass teams are committed to expanding wellbeing and wellness opportunities and solutions to every person at the time and their organisations and businesses in every stage of their life’s journey.

RoundGlass is focused on growing and improving the 7 pillars of the concept of wholistic wellbeing: emotional, physical, professional, community, social, financial, professional wellbeing. This while focusing on nurturing a people’s culture, respect and love for nature and the beauty of the wild by showcasing solutions, tech, content and projects in education, sports,  biodiversity, RoundGlass multiple products, its app, social network and solutions.