Where Should You Study Art Foundation In Europe?

Art FoundationEurope has been an international centre of art and culture since the last few hundred years. Apart from giving the world renowned artists like Da Vinci and Botticelli, Europe was also the originator of the Renaissance period.

A recent report by Cass Art re-iterates that European influence on the art world has not diminished. The study found that the top 55 art universities in the world were from Europe. 

To this day, you can find the influence of European culture in the global art world. Studying an art foundation programme in the continent can help you explore renowned art works up close which can supplement your classroom teaching. 

You can study art foundation courses in scores of European cities like Berlin, London, Edinburgh and Milan. Read ahead to find a curated list of the top European cities which would be perfect for your induction into the art world.

Paris, France

When it comes to studying art, Paris is an obvious choice. The City of ‘Love and Light’ is home to more than 100 art museums including the most renowned Louvre Museum. This museum has more than 35,000 art exhibits including the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Studying an art foundation course in the city can also allow you to be privy to other classical monuments representing the Impressionist Era. Paris also has several major art galleries which can allow you to look up the works of contemporary artists.

London, England

The Cass Art Report awarded London as the top city for studying an art programme. The report termed London as the “best city to be an art student.” London’s dominance in the art education world has also been reflected in the QS World University Subject Rankings with more than 8 London universities on the list.

London has renowned art museums and galleries such as the British Museum and the National Gallery. The city is also home to iconic art landmarks such as the Westminster Abbey, the Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London. 

Florence, Italy

The city of Florence in Italy was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Hence, there can be no better destination to understand the history of art in a global context.

Studying in the city can allow you to get inspired from the iconic works of great Italian art masters like Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Botticelli and Raphael. The city is home to countless museums like the Uffizi Gallery which have preserved the iconic arts works for inspiring generations of artists.

Florence is also the seat of many renowned art colleges and institutes which offer scores of art foundation programmes.

Apart from these cities, you can check out other art education destinations like Prague in the Czech Republic, Athens in Greece, and Barcelona in Spain.

An art foundation course from one of these European cities can provide you with the right atmosphere to imbibe artistic inspirations. The foundation course can also prepare you for a creative career in contemporary art domains such as architecture, graphic design or fashion designing.

Start looking for appropriate art foundation courses in Europe today to begin your career in the global art domain.