What Does NFTs Mean For Businesses? The NFTs Business Live Event Provided A Masterclass On NFTs

The NFTs Business Live event featured worldwide blockchain and industry experts like Eric Ma, Patrick Tan, Prashant Surna and Javed Khattak. The live roundtable, where the experts talked in-depth about NFTs marketplaces, trading opportunities and characteristics and the future of the NFTs market can be watched on Dinis Guarda Youtube Channel.

NFTs are taking the world by storm, especially in digital artwork and collectives, revolutionizing the production and distribution of these. New marketplaces are being created, allowing designers to distribute their digital artwork in a more democratic and fairer way for all parties, thanks mainly to blockchain technology. But what do NFTs mean for businesses and how can businesses jump into this trend and embrace this revolution?

To explore this area in more depth, openbusinesscouncil and citiesabc CEO Dinis Guarda hosted an event featuring leading blockchain and industry experts. The live event focused on this trend and turned out a masterclass that answer key questions arising around NFTs, including:

1.The holistic power of NFTs business

2.NFTs solutions

3.The current state of the NFTs market

4.NFTs trading and where to find NFTs markets

5.Trading properties of NFTs

NFTs Business Live Speakers

Dinis Guarda 

Dinis Guarda is an author, CEO, and founder of the companies ztudium, techabc, and open business council platform. Dinis is a world-renowned thought leader, strategist, futurist and speaker, an International Bestselling Author, and a media personality who covers the present and future of business, technology and society.

Eric Ma

Eric Ma is the CEO of BTCU. In this position he got his project management capacities and foundations of working with teams and strategy. After this experience he worked in human resources and managed a big network of education in a major group out of Taiwan. Between 2018-2019 Eric became Community Manager for CoinMarketCap – the world’s leading platform source for crypto market capitalizations, pricing and information. 

Patrick Tan

Patrick Tan is the CEO of Novum Alpha, an all-weather digital asset trading firm that uses Deep Learning tools to deliver dollar-returns in all market conditions. Patrick is a lawyer and was called to the Singapore Bar in 2005. Specializing in blockchain technology law, he was previously with one of Singapore’s top blockchain technology law firms. He analyzes and manages legal risks related to cryptocurrency trading and his writing is regularly featured in leading publications.

Prashant Surana

Prashat Surana is a serial entrepreneur in AI and Blockchain. He is a Crypto Advisor for the Government of Montenegro and the Co-founder of Snapper Blockchain. “Snapper is India’s Most Promising Blockchain Tech and Innovation Startup” – CIO Review.

Javed Khattak

Javed Khattak is a London based business consultant who advises start-ups, small businesses and large companies worth over £100 billion on strategy, finance, and technology. He is a  qualified actuary (FIA), an award winning C-suite executive, a board member and a successful serial entrepreneur with a breadth of experience, including advising and working with senior management of FTSE100 companies and global household brands like HSBC, Thomson Reuters, GSK, M&S, Aviva, PwC and PA Consulting Group.

Established brands are joining the NFT market, including the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Sotheby’s auction house. For instance, Christie’s sold a digital artwork for $69 million in JPEG form by an artist called Beeple, called “Everydays – The First 5000 Days”, which turned out to be the third most expensive artwork that has ever been sold by a living artist.

If you want to know more about NFTs, watch the roundtable now on Dinis Guarda YouTube Channel.

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