New Academy of Professional Managers in Tech City

New Academy of Professional Managers in Tech City

A new academy of professional managers has emerged in Tech City. Its members have declared that they are planning to expand the influence on business and personnel in the UK.

In March 2015 the PMF (Professional Managers of the Future) community opened its office in Tech City. The leader of PMF, George Warton, stated at the time that such vicinity would make their work more productive.

Mr Wharton announced: “Constant contact with technological companies and start-ups will greatly assist our operations. Here, the businesses are nurtured by the professionals who know how to balance between what the market needs, what a specialist can produce, and what a business is ready to invest in. This expertise is very valuable for us and we would like to cooperate closely with our new neighbours.”

The vicinity to technological companies has since prompted the members of the PMF community to make global changes. Just four months after the opening, Mr Warton revealed that their community had become a professional association, the Academy of Certified Managers (ACPM). The purpose of ACPM is to expand its influence among its colleagues and authorities and to improve the quality of professional management in companies of anysize.

Among the reasons of transformation, community representatives emphasised the increasing influence on management in British companies, the quality of which indirectly reflected on the UK position moving up in the Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 published by the World Economic Forum.

The residents of Tech City congratulated ACPM on this achievement and assured their readiness to cooperate with and support ACPM.

According to David Ireland, lead developer of IT company Lshift: “We are always open to dialogue and exchange of experience and expertise. My colleagues and I have known the PMF community for many years and, therefore, welcome them in their new office. Our company specialises in consulting. For many years we have been following the development of business in the area of Internet technologies. Management is a little behind, but I am glad such communities are being established who are ready to enlighten and control the quality of personnel and who affect the wellbeing of many businesses. Together we can accelerate this evolution.”