Few Missteps That Students Make When Deciding A College Major

College life is by far the most exciting time for every student. High school and former education undeniably hold their value. However, a college degree gives you the pass for choosing a job in your desired field of work. But what is your planned career path? A question that haunts many students, especially when college entrance dates get closer. Thus, here are some mistakes to avoid when deciding your college major.

Glamorized Reasons For Choosing

When picking a career path, students often visualize the end-goal or the final product the professionals put forth. They envision how great being a movie actor would be just from watching some movies. Or, they would look at some animations and consider graphic designing as their option. Yes, the final product presented by professionals is the goal beginners should aim. However, a lot of work goes behind the scenes before the final form gets achieved. It is vital to understand what exactly professionals do instead of what the final results are.

Inadequate Planning & Research

A college education is a significant investment. It is an investment worth several years of time and money. Therefore, before enrolling in a college program, it is essential to know how does college work? With plenty of information regarding pretty much everything, the internet is your best friend. Go ahead and look up the program of your interest. Moreover, be sure to get in touch with the alumni and professionals in the same work line.

Following Your Friends

Every individual is unique; we all are different from each other. We have different goals, interests, preferences, and personalities. Colleges and Universities provide the appropriate environment for students to manifest such differences. Once the differences become more evident, you will have to begin planning your future accordingly. Nevertheless, it may seem as though you are drifting away from your friends, which is somewhat true. But that also means the opportunity to meet new people and make more friends. It is all part of the cycle of life.

Double Majoring

The idea of double majoring seems appealing to many students. The belief that double majors will support their goals and careers more firmly is reasonable. While some students can deal with two majors, the rest do so for an ‘impressive’ resume. You will be paying more, but the time each major requires will not be easy to fulfill. Once the assignments and semester projects start piling up, you won’t even have the time to sleep. Instead, spending the extra time interning and volunteering would help significantly. Since college life is relatively expensive, you can also lookup guides to managing personal finances for college students.

Sunk Costs

A sunk cost is defined as an amount of money invested in the past and is unrecoverable. Although the term has an economic connotation, it applies to other parts of life as well. These costs come into the picture after a few years of the program. The student begins to question whether the program is suited for them and consider switching. The rational decision would be to assess several aspects: is it worth it? Will it bring you joy? However, our minds are likely to sway our thought-process and prevent us from making the right decision.
Giving up and switching is perfectly fine! College is all about experimenting in a favorable environment. Plenty of students switch their majors even in their final years. Why? Because the benefits are immeasurable.

Choosing for Income

Considering the amount of time and money it requires, a college education is no different from a business decision. Viewing the whole thing as a 4-year long investment in exchange for higher work opportunities is perhaps the right mindset. Not only will it help evaluate the costs, but it will also aid you in determining if it is worth it or not. Moreover, why choose a career primarily because of its income potential? Money cannot buy happiness. Picking a major that you enjoy yourself studying is vital. Not only will it give you the joy you desire but also help you excel in your line of work.

Work Experience

Theoretical education is vital for us to learn. It serves as an instruction book, preparing us for what awaits. However, even if you grasp the idea, you are unlikely to know how to implement it adequately. Internships and part-time jobs that promote work related to your field will help you live your future career. Experience and education are equally valuable when it comes to employment. Instead of changing your major, a good option would be to gain some experience. Every college student must find internships and part-time jobs as soon as possible.

Finding Your Passion

The advice many of us have heard when picking our careers is to follow our passion—the idea behind this piece of advice points towards a supposedly fulfilling career. Though, is that indeed the case? No, it is not. Visualizing yourself working as a software engineer is quite simple. But how can you be so sure when you don’t have any experience regarding the job? You can never be too sure. It is all about the amount of effort you put into your work. Choose an interest, stick with it, improve yourself, work hard, and see where things go.

Getting Influenced By Authority Figures

Our parents always want the best for us. Although their affection and experience guide us in the right direction, they can get over-involved in our life decisions. To make our lives easier and avoid any future problems, they will insist on several career options. Be it science or business. It would help if you did not respond to someone else’s suggestions. If you are not interested in the suggested major, you are likely not to succeed in it. Therefore, this is your decision to make. Pick the major that fits your interests.

Taking Too Long to Choose

Gauging the viability of a major without any experience is not possible. College is a massive investment. Students with undecided majors and careers are often among the people devoted to finding their passion. Instead of wasting your time trying to find the perfect major, go ahead and pick a subject based on your interests. Since college life is relatively expensive, you can also lookup guides to manage college students’ finances. Passion comes from hard work and the devotion you are willing to put. It is crucial to get past the initial stages.


Your choice of college major will shape your future. The decision requires the highest degree of thought and attention. While you can stay friends with your best buddy, you are not obligated to follow their footsteps. Compromising your tomorrow’s happiness and success for pointless reasons is not advised. If you cannot determine the perfect major for you, go with something that fits your interests. Likewise, the tips mentioned above are likely to help you avoid mistakes when selecting a major.