Investors Head East, But What Are They Investing Into?

Gaurav Singh, co-founder of JPIN VCATS, runs down some of the exciting startups in the subcontinent, and why it’s the ideal location to find symbiotic relationships with great brands

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India is already the third-biggest tech startup system globally, and is set to see a world-beating economic performance in 2022. According to forecasts, it is set to become the third-biggest economy by 2030.

JPIN VCAT’s own research shows that 13,799,000 million Brits actively want to invest in emerging markets such as India, so what are some of the brands they could partner with by using a leader in startup investments?


Klovechef is the first voice-enabled grocery-marketplace. For any recipe you find, just ask and it will add the ingredients to a shopping list, where you can then select a store of your choice to complete the purchase. The retailer then pays commission to Klovechef. The app can also read recipes to you as you cook, all hands-free.

Closed with 377k from initial investors, and 300k from JPIN VCATS

An Amazon Alexa partner with brand backing from Sanjeev Kapoor, a very popular celebrity chef in India, made this an ideal investment opportunity. It also had perfect timing, as last year everyone was in lockdown and keen to try new recipes.

Instoried – Optimise emotions in content using AI

Instoried, a woman-founded startup, goes beyond Grammrly and helps content creators analyse the performance of their content before publishing it – in terms of its tone (positive, negative, etc), immediate feedback, and emotional intelligence score.

JPIN VCATS led a pre-series A £200,000 deal, with Kris Gopalakrishnan (Co-Founder Infosys & Founder – Axilor Ventures), JITO, William Bao Beam (SOSV), Chefworks London.

A great idea from woman-founded startup in the AI space. A fortune 500 company already tried to acquire the company but this offer was declined. So far, it has achieved $150K in sales in less than 6 months during Covid-19, and has grown 3.4X in valuation in less than 1 year.

Chingari – Video sharing social networking platform

India’s very own Tik Tok disruptor and a global take on mobile entertainment. Bollywood Royalty Salman Khan has joined as the ambassador as well as an investor.

JPIN VCATS led an oversubscribed raise of £1.2 million. This pre-Series A round was backed by Republic Labs, Astarc Ventures, India TV, Angel List India and many more, with the seed round led by FJ labs, Blume, AngelList, and Brian Nogard.

India is a massive market with 627 million Internet users with 18% year-on-year growth, and globally there is a $500 billion creator economy. Chingari, within this space, has great differentiation from its competitors, and a high retention rate and engagement time. It now has 45+ million users in 5 months, and 93+ million video views per day.


This company is the ‘Netflix for Careers’  – used by professionals to prepare and land a dream opportunity through referrals. They connect aspirational young talent with experts from top companies who share their career experience and tips to help them succeed.

JPIN VCATS is currently raising $200k, in its pre-Series A round. So far, it has been backed by Ivy Ventures, Iceland Venture Studios , and Nikhil Vora – Sixth Sense Venture.

A noble cause with significant market space: so far it has 100+ Universities, 127,625+ user searches, and 438,564+ questions answered – all leading to 18x growth in revenue in the past 3 months.

Gaurav Singh, co-founder: “Finding great ideas within this rapidly developing and digitalising market of 1.3 billion people is no easy work, but they are not few and far between. Partnering with experts such as JPIN VCATS, that can combine local expertise with international insight, is a great way to find genius ideas and symbiotic relationships in the subcontinent.

About JPIN VCATS: JPIN Venture Catalysts Ltd is building the Largest bi-directional UK-India investment and growth corridor for startups, and is the UK arm for Venture Catalysts. JPIN Venture Catalysts Ltd invests $250K – $20m in seed – Series B stage startups that can create strong value and grow into potential unicorns. JPIN Venture Catalysts Ltd brings an end-to-end expertise and support of capital, mentoring, and genuine business network to help investee companies succeed. With presence in 50 cities in India, one of the largest emerging markets globally, JPIN Venture Catalysts Ltd provides unparalleled growth access to its portfolio companies.