Influx of Amateur Investors Creates Opportunity

Amateur investors have been in the news a lot lately because of the GameStop and Robinhood app debacle. In late January, the gaming store’s stock started to rise dramatically because of a group of Redditors who are squeezing hedge funds.

The social media users came together to boost the GameStop stock (and other companies) after discovering hedge funds were shorting the stock. Shorting is when an investor borrows shares from another investor with the agreement they will return them at a later date. They do this with the expectation that they can sell the stock and then buy it back later at a lower price. They make money off of the difference in sale and buy-back price. When the Redditors saw that hedge funds were betting on GameStop losing value, they began buying shares. That caused the value to increase dramatically, and the hedge funds had to buy the shares back at a higher price, causing them to lose money.

This happened with quite a few companies, and new investors began looking at ways to get in on the game. That’s creating an opportunity for consulting firms to woo new customers who are eager to find the best bang for their buck in the market.

Guiding New Investors

The new investors are hungry for information and guidance. Many of them have never been involved in the market before but the success of the GameStop saga is piquing the interest of younger adults who want to get in on the game.

Financial consultants now have an opportunity to appeal to a whole new client base. These investors are going to be looking for guidance and they will want to find trustworthy professionals to help them out. Since these are people who grew up with all of the information they need at their fingertips thanks to smartphones. The best way to reach these new investors is through the internet. One way to do it is by using search engine optimization (SEO or search engine opt) strategies.

Optimize Your Website

You likely already have a business website (if you don’t you need one ASAP) where you let potential clients know what services you offer. But your site could be used for so much more.

As we mentioned, young investors are going to be looking for the information they need to help put their money in the right place. To give them what they’re looking for, you can add high-quality content to your website that answers questions they might have or gives advice. For example, you could write an article about mistakes first-time investors should avoid or what companies are safe to invest in long-term.

Before you write the content though, you want to have an SEO strategy in mind. This is a technique that helps your content rank higher on search engines. According to data, 71% of the website clicks come from the first page of a Google search. The second page only gets about 6% of the clicks. That means you want to get your website to rank on that first page to reach the most customers. To do that, you can follow a couple of steps:

· Use high-quality links to source information

· Add keywords to your article that rank well, but do not add them too many times or add them awkwardly

· Update your content regularly

· Follow Google’s SEO guide

· Be unique

Optimizing your site and putting out good, useful content that investors can use will increase your brand awareness. If you keep at it you could become the next go-to consulting firm in your area and around the country.