How to use microsites to attract investors


microsites and investors

Understanding how to market funds effectively is an essential skill in being able to attract investors. There are a range of different techniques and tactics that can be used for marketing. These include online and offline strategies. Knowing which will be the most suitable is hard.

What are microsites? 

However, one approach that has been found to be fairly effective on a frequent basis is that of microsites. According to David Wilson (2015) reporting for Kurtosys, there are three major benefits of using microsites in fund marketing campaigns. Microsites have actually been used for quite a long time by fund marketers, and are not new to digital marketers. But what are microsites?

Wilson describes microsites as being:

“… designed to be small, separate entities that usually take the form of a small number of pages, maybe even a single web page.”

One of the key differences from the company’s normal website is that these microsites may or may not be part of the main website. In some cases they will use sub domains or they will even have entirely new and original domains. This is a good approach because it can be more impactful with customers.

So, what makes Microsites so successful? Top Features

There are specific features that you’ll need to follow to make your microsite successful after you made decision to use them. Luke Clum suggest that there are top four features of successful microsite which are:

  1. Clear definition of target audience
  2. Focused Topic
  3. Quality Information
  4. Creative Design and engaging user interaction

Microsites are also particularly helpful for targeting specific segments of the market. For example, fund marketers can use such microsites to target millennials or baby boomers, and to specifically appeal to these audiences, using humour and language to draw customers in. These are the types of microsite that have the best chance of going viral because they are so appealing to a particular audience that they have been designed for.

Microsites can be used for different purposes. One is, as already mentioned, to promote a particular campaign. Another already detailed is to target a particular sub set of the overall audience. Others include promotion through using an infographic that has an interactive element, and another may be for showcasing a new product to the target audience. It is even possible to use microsites to promote other activities of the business, and corporate social responsibility has been the theme of some fund marketer microsites.

Top Benefits of Using Microsites

It is argued that there are three main benefits of using microsites in a fund marketing campaign.

  1. Attracting New Audiences to the business and its products. It is reported that by focusing specifically on the precise needs of an audience it is possible to go after new segments of the market. By utilising a microsite it is possible to present the exact information that the new segment needs in a manner that is appealing to them. This includes presenting it not just to investors but also to advisors that target these demographics. The benefit of this is that you focus exactly on what is most important to this specific target group, and you are able to present the information in a thorough and detailed manner for them.
  2. It is possible to measure the achievements of a campaign more effectively by using microsites. The reason for this is that these types of sites are possible to measure much more easily than an overall website. It is recommended to use an analytics tool, such as Google Analytics for this purpose. In using this it is possible to segment the site and look at the success that has been achieved. Microsites can also specifically be promoted through different kinds of online campaigns and so this is also helpful. For example they can be used for online advertising such as Google Adwords pay per click campaigns, among a variety of others.
  3. Search engine optimisation: Appearing at a high level in searches is still critical for businesses in succeeding online. That is because so many customers go to Google, Bing, Yahoo and others to find what they need. Appearing at the top of the search engine search increases the likelihood of a site being clicked on quite considerably. It is easy to understand this concept if you think about just how often you go to the second page of Google, or even bother scrolling down. Most people just click on the links near the top of the page. Doing anything to increase search engine optimisation effectiveness is therefore helpful. In the case of a microsite search engine optimisation benefits from extra links into the main website, in addition to the use of long term keywords and key phrases.

Microsite for SEO

From the technical point of view there are various pros and cons against different SEO marketing strategies and as suggested by Linchpin SEO, “…if done well, microsite can help a website capture additional spots in the top results to help with reputation management around exact match company names or brand names”..

Will be microsite more strategic to your brand or business development than the main company web-page depends on the smart usage and decision-making as presented in below infographic


The Best Microsites

Below are the best microsites as mentioned by Luke Clum

best microsites