How to Give Your Hotel a Makeover This New Year

The pandemic slowdown is history now, and the hospitality industry is back with a bang. It’s as if the lockdowns never happened, and hotels never witnessed zero revenues and occupancy just a few years ago. 

According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, average hotel occupancy in the US will likely reach 63.8% in 2023, close to 2019’s level of 65.9%. That shows how quick the recovery has been.

Not surprisingly, the competition in the sector is stiff as more and more businesses join the bandwagon to capitalize on the opportunity. As of 2022, 107,258 hotels and motel businesses operated in the US. Whether you are new in the industry or run an established hotel, you need to go the extra mile with upkeep to stay competitive.

The New Year is an ideal time to revitalize your establishment and offer guests a refreshed experience. Consider a hotel makeover extending beyond aesthetic upgrades and enhancing various aspects leading to a luxurious stay.

We will share a few actionable strategies to implement a comprehensive makeover for your hotel in the New Year.

How to Give Your Hotel a Makeover This New Year

Begin with an Aesthetic Revamp

An aesthetic revamp is the start of a hotel makeover journey. Begin by reevaluating your hotel’s aesthetics, even if you invested in a design project a few years ago. Consider modernizing the décor or refreshing it if you are on a tight budget. A fresh color palette is a good start. You can declutter your property and make money by selling the old stuff.

Add stylish furniture and contemporary artwork for a fresh look and feel. Involving an interior designer is worthwhile when it comes to enhancing the overall ambiance of your property. Strategic changes in common areas such as the dining halls and lobbies have low investment and high returns as they make a great first impression. You can manage with only a few upgrades to the rooms. 

Transform In-Room Experience

Besides the aesthetic enhancement of the common areas and rooms, hoteliers must focus on transforming the in-room experience of the New Year. It is about creating a comfortable and personalized environment for your guests. You can implement the following measures to take the room amenities a notch higher:

  • Begin with the basics like premium bedding, quality linens, bathroom amenities, and plush décor.
  • Add thoughtful touches like a welcome note and complimentary snacks and drinks.
  • Pay attention to details like room layout, illumination, and storage solutions.
  • Go the extra mile with cleaning and maintenance services to ensure rooms are pristine. 

Besides these basics, give your room a tech upgrade. According to a 2022 study, 45% of hoteliers agreed that enhancing in-room technology is a very important initiative. Fast, reliable internet is a must-have in the era of remote work. Smart appliances are a plus. Hospitality TV casting is another impressive feature that creates an excellent in-room experience.

Allbridge notes casting services enable access to multi-source content and keep them connected online. They make a perfect addition to your rooms as modern lodgers expect high-end entertainment with greater flexibility and control.

Adopt Hospitality Technology for Innovation

Hospitality technology emerged as a savior amid the pandemic, enabling touchless check-ins and voice-activated assistance. The technology is here to stay, and you must invest in the ones you do not have in place.

The smart hospitality market size worldwide was a massive $19 billion in 2021 and is predicted to grow to $133.7 billion by 2031. That spells an annual growth rate of 22%. It also shows the importance of adopting the trend.

Commit to ramping up your technology offerings this New Year with features like contactless check-in/check-out and mobile-based keyless entry systems. Even if you already have them, consider upgrading them according to the latest trends. Modern technological solutions enhance comfort and leave a lasting impression on tech-savvy guests.

Embrace Green Initiatives

Sustainability is a growing trend in all industries, and hospitality is no exception. In a study conducted in 2022, 78% of respondents indicated the intention to book sustainable accommodations at least once in 2023. The trend will likely continue as more and more Americans become eco-conscious

Embracing green initiatives should be on your hotel makeover checklist this New Year. Eco-friendly practices such as energy-efficient lighting, water-conserving fixtures, and waste-reduction initiatives are great additions. 

Engage guests in your commitment by providing information on your sustainable practices. For example, you can introduce programs such as towel reuse incentives to encourage them to contribute to your eco-friendly efforts.

In conclusion, a hotel makeover strategy requires creative ideas and in-depth insights into guest expectations. Implement these measures to appeal with visual aesthetics, in-room luxury, innovation, and sustainability. You can set up your property for success by covering all these fronts.