Hedge Fund Social Networks Part 1

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The strategies and secrets of a hedge fund are guarded with utmost caution due to the fear of a leak which might make the whole endeavor come crashing down. However, with the rapidly advancing technologies, everyone is embracing social media platforms and making use of the added features and tools provided by these platforms. This can be seen as a huge progress.

This shift from the previous state in which the fund managers and investors of the hedge fund world tried to steer clear of such technologies, viewing it with mistrust, to the current state where they just can’t do without the facility and leverage provided by these platforms.

In the outside world, people have been sharing every tiny detail of their lives on social media platforms and it allows them to come closer and connect with each other. This was the biggest move that allowed the world to become a global village. However, here is where one can stop and think about how we can use the same advantages provided by social media in the finance world.

Using the privacy provided by social media to look for investment opportunities as well as for a number of other purposes. It allows investors to read about what other investors and advisers are discussing as well as which is the hottest trend and strategy in the hedge funds world. It also allows investors and managers alike to come across opportunities they otherwise would have remained unaware of.

When an investor is considering several different investment opportunities, they can find out what other investors are saying about them. Fund managers are using these platforms to find out the opinions of investors about hedge funds as well as to find out more about their customers. A number of new strategies are derived by studying these discussions making it more like a virtual brainstorming session.

The benefit of using social media platforms doesn’t end at just gaining insight into investment opportunities. There are a range of unique benefits that vary with the type of social media platform being used. Let’s take a look at four such social media platforms and discuss what makes them so beneficial for hedge funds.

1. Trusted Insight
Trusted Insight is one of the largest social media platforms for investors, spread over 98 countries and has more than 40,000 members and counting. Up to 30,000 investors avail the services of Trusted Insight every week and these investors are active in many different forms of investments, such as alternative investments, private equity, real estate, hedge funds and many more. Trusted Insight is an active platform for qualified and sophisticated purchasers.

2. SumZero
SumZero is another one of the largest platforms and community of investors who invest primarily in hedge funds, private equity and mutual funds. SumZero has a completely transparent platform, so that users can easily share their investment reports with only those members whom they want to share it with. They also offer a variety of free services to support these, such as capital introduction, career placement as well as media placement, and so on.

3. Hedge Connection
Hedge Connection is a platform that matches up investment opportunities, such as hedge funds, with online investors by organizing events. The Hedge Connection brand attracts hundreds of investors and managers from across the world at these events. This is a marketing event which allows for many investment opportunities by acting as an information gateway for investors. This is what makes Hedge Connection one of a kind, which is recognized worldwide for the innovative solutions it provides.

4. Hedgefundnetworking.com
The aim of hedgefundnetworking.com is to organize networking events that attract the members of the hedge fund world, bringing them together to connect and communicate with each other. Hedgefunnetworking.com is a unique networking and marketing solution that allows for new investment opportunities by bringing all participants together.

These are some of the most widely used social media platforms that help the hedge fund community connect, share and use their cumulative knowledge for better investment opportunities. With the changing trends, these platforms have become a portal that allows investors and managers all over the world to share opportunities and information with a wide array of people who might otherwise might not have been aware of these.