Guide to using Twitter for Trading – Part 3


Part 3: Don’ts – Things to avoid while using Twitter for trading 

Just as there are a number of things that you should practice when using Twitter, there are several others things that must consciously be avoided. The reason why one must pay attention to small details such as these is that Twitter is one of most popular social media platforms that exist today. It has millions of users and a very vast following across many different cultures of the world. This means that whatever is said or written on it holds the potential to go viral. Once something goes viral, it cannot be taken back and the person or company might end up facing severe consequences.

In this section, we will be discussing some of the key mistakes that one should always be cautious of committing. We will also be mentioning a few points that should be avoided in order to create good relations with the online community.

The first thing that has proven to be extremely useful in this regard is that the entire purpose of being on Twitter is to stay in touch with the public by gathering information from them as well as keeping them engaged. Therefore, do not sign up for Twitter simply to be a passive member. It is a common practice that people simply stop tweeting and updating their accounts after the initial couple of weeks of joining. This leaves a bad impression on those who have been following you and they will eventually lose their interest. Never leave your account silent for too long; it will only get harder to draw people in of you decide to initiate a more active Twitter campaign later on.

Keeping the above in mind, doing the opposite is also not a good methodology to adopt. This brings us to our second tip, which is to avoid “over tweeting.” Sometimes, what happens is that people begin using the tools Twitter provides in excess, producing and sharing more material than people wish to read. This can lead to an irritated and annoyed audience, which may ultimately mean that they will stop following your Twitter account. Twitter should be used in moderation and tweets should be carefully and strategically spaced.

On a related note, it is also a good idea not be too repetitive when it comes to Twitter. The Twittersphere is a fast-paced environment where people’s feeds are constantly being updated and refreshed; hence, they are continuously being given new things to read. The users will not wish to be reminded of the same things over and over again, unless the information is presented using unique angles.

In addition, Twitter should not be used to voice any personal opinions using a professional account. The two simply do not mix and should never be brought together. This would reflect poorly upon the professional code of conduct that takes years for a firm to build. Furthermore, personal views are not what people are expecting to hear from a professional company. Controversy will undoubtedly lead to arguments or criticism, both of which will be a distraction away from the real purpose of the page. This may even catch the attention of the media, especially in high profile cases, making the issue even more of a public matter than before.

The next tip could be understood without explanation, but it is important to mention it nevertheless: never upload  information or unverified facts as that can open you to a range of complications. Likewise, do not even attempt to bend the truth in any way, even if it helps you to get your point across to the public.

When it comes to the actual tweet itself, keep it rather uncomplicated and refrain from using fancy jargon because the majority of Twitter users want access to information in the simplest way possible. Also, try to make the best possible use of the 140 characters that are allowed per tweet. Use them wisely and do not try to pack too much information into a single tweet as that can be confusing and will not be as effective as it is meant to be.

Another thing to be mindful of is the Twitter hash tag. Recent research revealed that the optimal number of hash tags to be used is usually two, as the majority of tweets that have used a greater or smaller number have received lesser attention than those that have incorporated exactly two. Social media experts highly recommend that you do not overdo it when it comes to hash tags. They also recommend that you do not completely sideline them because they are great way of increasing your online presence.

By employing all of these techniques, a business can better guard themselves against any unfortunate events and ensure that they extract the maximum benefit from the use of Twitter.

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